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Nintendo: eShop Will Be Continuously Improved

Nintendo talked about the eShop and how this would improve in the future. Soon this will be made available outside of the Nintendo platforms. For independent developers it is now much easier to publish their games cost on the Nintendo platforms.

Nintendo 2DS

At PAX Prime Nintendo spoke with polygon on the eShop improvements, which are on the priority list. Nintendo sees the online store as a continuous work process. So you want to make it possible to retrieve the eShop via a computer or a smartphone consumers soon. Particularly important for Nintendo to preserve the clarity of the eShop also with increasing content was. They wanted to ensure that the desired products can be found as quickly as possible.

Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo Network

Nintendo have detected errors that have been made ​​in recent years with WiiWare and would like to avoid this in the future. Various barriers were removed to make it easier for indie developers to publish games on Wii U and 3DS. Now it will be important for Nintendo to convey this to the developers to make them aware of all the changes.

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