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GTA 5: Dan Houser Talks About the Character Design

GTA 5 in one week on the shelves - Rockstar open-world action appears for PS3 and Xbox 360 Shortly before the release of GTA 5 has expressed inter alia, to the character design of the protagonist Trevor, Michael and Franklin Dan Houser of Rockstar Games. In a recent interview, Rockstar co-founder speaks about, among other things, the research, which was 5 have been necessary for the implementation of GTA.

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The release of GTA 5 is approaching. Rockstars new open-world action issued on 17 September for PS3 and Xbox 360 Shortly before the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 has Dan Houser, one of the co-founder of Rockstar Games revealed more details on character design. According to Houser was necessary for a search of 100 days. During this time, the GTA 5 developer with FBI members, street gangsters and ex-mafia members have made. The dates were "eye-opening," Houser says in an interview with

In addition, Houser explains in an interview why the developers at GTA 5 for three playable characters - Trevor, Michael and Franklin - decided. With three heroes you've finally can design a wide range of history, and "not a collection of archetypes." The three characters of GTA 5 have therefore have different traits are "better and worse in certain things." With the three heroes, the developers wanted to get away from the image of a single criminal who masters all skills.

"We like the idea of a protagonist who retires with his family. We have never done such a thing," adds Dan Houser in an interview with The Guardian . Other statements you read in the linked article. More news, videos and screenshots can be found as usual on our topic page for GTA 5.

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