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GTA 5: New screenshots for Rockstar Firecracker - Strip Club, jets, helicopters

New screenshots from GTA 5: Rockstar Games shows new impressions of the sweet life in Los Santos and the nearby Blaine County. Trevor is about to see on a visit to a strip club, also a Kampfheli, quad, and a burning jet. Development studio Rockstar promises more pictures for August. In addition to follow specific details about Grand Theft Auto online.


Twelve new screenshots from GTA 5 has put online Rockstar Games. The high-resolution snapshots take us again to sunny Los Santos, and show an interesting addition to scenes from the nearby Blaine County. We may for example take a look at a strip club, the guys like Trevor automatically attracts the protagonists. We also see an armored attack helicopter in action. Also shown: Michael with cigar on the sun chair and earphone in the ear.

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In these new pictures from GTA 5 but it should not be: Rockstar promises more impressions for August. In addition, for the first time to Grand Theft Auto Online to be revealed. Short scenes from the multiplayer mode there was already seen in the gameplay trailer. All twelve new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto 5 at the used in our images section at the end of this message. The potential release of the open-world Kracher to 17 September for PS3 and Xbox 360 take place.

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Rockstar Games promises balloon missions from the first minute. A long introduction to the story, it should - not be in GTA 5 - due to the three playable characters. Nevertheless, Michael, Trevor and Franklin will not be playable from the beginning. Fans still ask about the whereabouts of a PC version. But to which the responsible developer studio has not yet ruled on to date.

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