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Xbox One Analyzed: More TV as a games console? - Part 3

Xbox One Release Date

Kinect forced

Was the Kinect controller for the Xbox 360 still optional, every Xbox One is a (much improved) Kinect unit at - and for their operation apparently mandatory. According to Microsoft as it seeks to ensure that developers can always rely on being able to use the Kinect options also.

The Xbox Kinect unit One (the first generation of Kinect will not work) has a Full HD Camera with 60 fps and 60 percent extended field of view, thanks to the infrared unit also measures depth information and work in the dark. So it's the new Kinect possible to detect whether one or one leg longer than the other charged facial expressions and the rotation of individual limbs. There are also a number of microphones that can identify individual speakers in the room in combination with the camera and filter out unwanted ambient noise.

The voice and gesture control work in the demonstration surprisingly accurate and instantaneous. The privacy controversy around an absolutely necessary, constantly looking into our living room Full HD camera along with night vision capability and directional microphone array but is already pre-programmed. With every Xbox then there is a potential monitoring center in every living room. If it were possible criminals to break into the Xbox network, they could reach the control over your camera and microphone, in the worst case. Whether Kinect can be switched off as the Xbox 360, is in fact not yet known.

Xbox One Kinect

New Controller

Microsoft makes everything right but apparently the new controller, namely strongly based on the proven predecessor. However, Microsoft has revised the digital control pad, which should now work much more precisely. The battery compartment (for AA batteries) was placed on the inside and avoids the significant bulge at the bottom. The analog sticks are supposed to be catchy, something less resistance and have a reduced "dead" zone in the center without tax query. For this purpose, the controller should have a list of similar light as the PS4 controller to determine its position in space more closely. But the largest and potentially most rewarding change should integrate a rumble or force feedback function in the trigger buttons to be: As you feel about the return of a weapon only in the right trigger or realistic braking resistor in the left trigger. According to the first experiences of our colleague Kai Schmidt-site function provides differentiated feedback and evaluates the haptic experience playing to well.

Xbox One Controller

Games, online coercion, Cloud & Co.

Although the Xbox One will require a permanent internet connection, at regular intervals (according to preliminary information, even every 24 hours) but it is the contact with the Microsoft servers be necessary. Because games are now expected to have a similar bond accounts on Steam. This has the advantage that you at every Xbox One (possibly even by facial recognition) and can continue login instantly with your score, which is in fact stored in Microsoft's cloud. Disadvantage is the online constraint and the problem on the resale of used games. Although the resale, according to Microsoft should be possible but is silent about details you are still outstanding.

We hold the frequently arising rumor of a separate fee to an unknown amount to (re) activate a used track for your account but for the most realistic option, even if the legal side of such a hand barrier should be at least questionable, as Daniel Visarius in his column » the cloud swallowed up everything, "explained . Backwards compatible Xbox One is not also. Apparently there are no plans to reactivate via streaming, downloads or similar games Xbox 360.

As part of the Xbox-One Introduction Microsoft wants to increase the server its Xbox Live service now from 15,000 to 300,000 clearly and make their games available resources also - perhaps there is finally dedicated multiplayer servers for console titles. A fee will continue to cost the gold Mitgleidschaft of Xbox Live.

All in One

The idea behind Microsoft's all-in-one Xbox is simple, but difficult to implement: in today's living rooms usually are a number of devices: from TV TVs and AV receivers, Blu-ray player and a game console or other. Each device requires its own remote control, and to the correct input is selected everywhere, which usually lasts. The Xbox One would simplify and as a key element to take control of all components.

Thanks HDMI input can be connected as a satellite receiver and the TV signal can now be managed through the Xbox One. Devices that support the taxes via HDMI ("HDMI CEC"), the Microsoft console turns on even directly. In addition, the Xbox has one on the back of an infrared output, which warhscheinlich to connect a programmable IR transmitter and thus to control other devices in the living room, similar to a universal remote control.

IP-TV over the Internet also works as long as the appropriate provider permitting. And that is precisely the problem in Germany: While the Xbox 360 in the United States en masse offers episodes and movies via the Internet suffers from the services in this country to unresolved licensing and rights issues. According to Microsoft, ensuring only for the United States to such a (web) TV services, even a TV series in the Halo universe is in collaboration with Steven Spielberg (probably) appear exclusively on the Xbox. Although Microsoft wants to strive for a long term and global improvement of the TV series and offer on the Xbox one - we expect (at least in the near future) but little success for Germany.

Xbox One All in One

Xbox One All in One

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