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Xbox One Analyzed: More TV as a games console? - Part 1

Xbox One Release

The presentation of the new Xbox One has mainly from players view more questions than it answered. We collect what has been known and ask us where Microsoft with the Xbox one really wants.

Microsoft's next game console called Xbox One and appear later this year - we expect a starting price of 500 Euros, even though so far it is not an exact amount. The naming of the Xbox One not only breaks with its predecessor, but carries in addition to the usual marketing justification of a "completely new generation," the note on Microsoft's vision of the future of the console: In the presentation, the talk was always of the Xbox One as an "All in One" system, which reside as a central control in the living room and offer much more than a traditional game console is. too, the angular appearance of the Xbox One looks more like a hi-fi component in 19-inch format as which over the years has become ever slimmer Xbox 360 (S). Somewhat awkward, we find the name choice yet: Once Sony had the first-generation Playstation marketed by the end of their life cycle as a cheap PSOne, so the name is linked to the console environment with limited high tech.

Xbox One Controller

In fact, the demonstration of multimedia and control capabilities of the Xbox One, however, was quite impressive: Seamless transition between a game, the TV program and the pre-installed apps like Internet Explorer and Skype - optionally displayed side by side in the style of Windows 8.

The whole thing was controlled with no apparent delay through a combination of voice commands and gestures that are captured and implemented by every Xbox One enclosed, new Kinect unit. This allows smartphones or tablets via "Insert Smart Glass" App parallel to the Xbox one as a second screen. In the following article we sort the information already known about the Xbox one and draw a first comparison to Sony's Playstation 4.

Eight cores and 8.0 GB

The Xbox One has as the Sony Playstation 4 Total 8.0 GB of RAM, which allows for seamless switching of various applications (such as between a game and the browser) and the virtually instantaneous displacement of the console in the idle state (and then wake it). This one features the Xbox as the Playstation 4 ever the game at the last minute in memory, particularly spectacular scenes you may rightly cut rudimentary and share with your friends.

Xbox One Reveal

However, while the PS4 uses fast-paced, yet only occupied on graphics cards GDDR5 RAM, the Xbox One uses the most likely much slower DDR3 RAM current PCs (even if it is not yet officially confirmed). This means that the DDR3 RAM proves bottleneck - especially for complex graphics calculations - Microsoft still packs 32 MB of SRAM for ultra-fast cache memory in the new Xbox, similar to the integrated graphics memory of the Xbox 360 . The system architecture is complicated by to the PS4. Whether it can accommodate the combination of DDR3 and SRAM with 8.0 GB of GDDR5 of the new Playstation, can not currently predict.

Xbox One Price

As in the Playstation 4 is also in the Xbox One a Jaguar based on AMD's eight-core CPU architecture (x86, 64 bit). The imaginary for mobile devices such as netbooks and tablets Jaguar CPU manufactures AMD for the first time in the 28-nanometer process (the current desktop CPUs with Piledriver inner life as the AMD FX 8350 still have 32 nm wide structures), what their energy efficiency increases. This AMD provides them with extensive power saving mechanisms, which should keep the idle and standby consumption of the new Xbox low.

Xbox One Console

This is particularly important since the Xbox Kinect One constantly monitored by the room to wake up to the spoken command on Xbox back immediately. In addition, they should like the PS4 downloads or receiving messages can run in stand-by. The pure computing power of the eight (mobile) CPU cores that are clocked similarly to the current state as the PS4 at 1.6GHz achieved nowhere near the level of current desktop CPUs with four cores. However, the potential of the new consoles is huge because they can simultaneously process eight tasks and thus ensure that future games and programs are optimized for multi-core CPUs out (on the PC) is much better than today.

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