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Total War Rome 2 Preview - Eight advantages over the previous (Part 2)

Creative Assembly's Total War Rome 2 has a satellite view of the real-time battles donated, in which the camera shows the action from a bird's perspective. This view is called "tactical map" and that is not particularly pretty, but extremely helpful if you want to get a quick overview of the course of a battle. To access the tactical map, simply click during a battle right down to the cross icon in the menu or the mouse wheel zooms out as far as possible.

Total War Rome 2 Macedon

V. The "Satellite View"

All units are represented on the map as a simplified tactical military symbols, you can see the red drawn fire areas of the rangers, the strategic victory points and defenses in sieges and his troops can also give movement commands. A similar view is also true for the strategy's Card: Use the "Strategic Overview" you can see at a glance which provinces who owns the richness they possess or how it looks with the public order.

Total War Rome 2 Concept Art

VI. Fight or struggle can: Automatically battles

The ability to automatically determine the outcome of a battle in the Total War series, is becoming increasingly important in the course of a campaign. Sometime you just have so many provinces and armies that you would need for a round of hours if you wanted to beat every battle itself. And that's why it's cool that you as a player now a) provides, such as automatic battle probably run out, and b) between three modes (aggressive, normal, defensive) can choose to affect the outcome of the struggle. In a poor prognosis too, you can still play themselves and put their skills to the test as a great general.

Total War Rome 2 Logo

VII Aggressive or Passive? The artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence of computer opponents has never been the great strength of the Total War series. With archers could shoot together often hostile armies so strong in the real-time battles of Rome, that the battle was already decided before a single melee drew his sword. Mike Simpson explained why the problem is not so easily solved in Total War Rome 2: "If ranged attack Nachkämpfer, there are three patterns of behavior. Stand still and keep the formation, whirlwind, or flee latter would indeed human, but annoying when the opponent is constantly running away. grasping the bombarded units on the other hand, the player could as individual troops in an online role-playing game "ampoules", ie specifically fetched from cover and attract to itself."

Total War Rome 2 Spartans

VIII, the Provinces: focal point for economic and military

Dozens of environments, each with its own capital - that no longer exists in Total War Rome 2 way. The game world consists of provinces, which in turn are divided into up to four different regions. The Lazio Province for example, of the capital of the province of Rome and Velitrae, the province of Samnium, however, from the regions Bovianum (capital), Lucera, Malventium and Aternum. While public policy, tax and food are managed together for all regions of a province, each region has a different number of building lots and garrison troops stationed there.

The quality and quantity of the garrison troops in turn depends on the buildings: In our preview version, for example, the provincial capital of Capua was defended by two units of peasants, javelin, spear carriers and legionnaires, the neighboring region Sanernum had also thanks to the built there harbor yet two ships with spear throwers available. Thanks to this new garrison settlements in Rome 2 are not completely defenseless and no longer need also to be constantly guarded and protected by armies.

As to the amount of the building, the number of building sites within a province is severely limited. Capitals had in our preview version up to six construction sites, the smaller regions than four. Provinces with large four regions come as a total of 18 building sites. Each of the first building site is required for the settlement itself, in the other we had the free choice of farms, temples, barracks, ports and various other buildings. Are all regions of a province conquered, you can issue so-called edicts there. These are special buffs that increase public order, to boost the economy or increase trading profits.

Total War Rome 2 Preview - Conclusion

Total War: Rome 2 occurs to me at a difficult legacy. The first part I have played over 1000 hours easy thanks to the incredibly good mod Roma Surrectum 2, the modernization of the graph, all other areas of the game and extended. This complexity monster am I supposed to exchange it for a much slimmer and prettier version? Phew, difficult. However, developer Creative Assembly has done a very good job and just make things better, which I did not like at part first Armies can gain experience and specialize, an interesting provincial administration, garrison troops, research, edicts - horny all the features that are fun.

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