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Infinite pixel: Space-sighted survival sandbox game on Steam Greenlight

On Steam Greenlight the community can vote at the moment Infinite pixel. The sandbox game Minecraft in-robe will differ primarily due to the enormous size of the world other representatives of the genre. In sandbox game that is already in the alpha, you can explore several planets, completing many quests and ensure your well-being. The final release date of Infinite pixel is not yet known.

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Infinite pixel is currently on Steam's voting platform Greenlight. You can therefore currently deciding whether the sandbox survival game with elements eventually will be available on Steam. The game will be highlighted especially by the enormous space game world and a survival mode of other titles in the genre. Overall, you shall be given the opportunity to explore five solar systems that accommodate at least five planets according to the developers of Chihuahua Powder. Thus, the game world expands to a total of at least 25 bodies that can be explored without loading time between trips from all of you.

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To get to the various celestial bodies in Infinite pixel is a space ship available, which is controlled by you. The developers have also each of the planets donated a set day and night cycles. The galaxy is also intended to provide space storms and black holes, which you life and therefore all resources can cost, because the game has perma-death. The programmer is also currently working on various cities and tons of quests, including NPCs that will have every planet. The Sandbox Survival title should also have a multiplayer mode. In this you can experience adventure together with other players. In addition, is among the programmers just a PVP system in development.

Infinite pixel

With Infinite pixel you want the developers put a survival element at hand: Your character has similar to Legends about life, thirst, and food items. So you do not have to die of starvation, the game has a modular option. Planted in your base, for example, trees in order to provide you with fruits or creates an irrigation system to always have water. In addition, you shall you on your base an infirmary and a garage for your ship to create. Who wants to try out the alpha of Infinite pixel, can this on the official website of the developer buy for the price of $ 10 and this automatically gets the final game.

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