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Dynasty Warriors 8: All matter, the main thing more, more, more - Part 3

Dynasty Warriors 8 Diao Chan

From the brush to Excalibur

There is another area in the game, which has increased dramatically in size, but can not hide that it is the same doll in different guise. Talking about the gameplay, which has remained true to Dynasty Warriors 8 as well as ever.

Where once the Mosou mode and the true Mosou mode (finisher) was ages ago, now covers a whole range of new possibilities. In addition to the final movements just mentioned, there are still the rage mode, which makes you faster, better and stronger and in combination with the Mosou mode is a devastating final attack.

There is always more violent skills, magical attacks, and combinations that sweep the enemy from the map quicker than GDI NOD with an army of mammoth tanks.

The nice thing is that you have at least a certain amount of variety here, because in addition to the weapon that belongs to a figure, there is still the opportunity to saddle a second. There is a bonus if the weapon goes well with the person and thus makes this much more.

Dynasty Warriors 8

The amount of new weapons is so praiseworthy, as he is crazy. The weapons in the old DW-parts were already bizarre, who has but a little digging, found out quickly that they were not so far removed from reality: In ancient China there was Ephedrine war objects and just as crazy martial arts. But pray tell me what to do with a brush or rake?

Well, good. I will not complain. Nor are certainly people who liked and why? Rewind is not necessarily bad. Also Dynasty Warriors 8 is far arrived here at the end of its scale, because all weapons are further subdivided into her element, namely: earth, heaven and man. One of the three forces is always a superior and inferior to others the third. So the principle is called "Rock, Scissors, Paper" and is at its core a nice idea.

In the implementation but it should work again, because even on the higher difficulties, I am so strong that the enemy officer no sun looks, while I with equivalent, or even superior weapons, still a damn serious opponent with a superior weapon 'm.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Wallpaper

Dynasty Warriors 8: Sliced ​​twice to go, please

Of course one must not forget that Dynasty Warriors 8 was always playing together. The split-screen mode was always the easiest way to long to have fun in the game and create the maps on the highest difficulty. But here was actually slimmed down once, instead of upgrading.

What officer of the second player always chooses, he is just a clone of the original, an additional demon on the battlefield, which sends hundreds of troops in a gruesome death. The true warrior running simultaneously through the area and followed his individual commands. This is a shame, but player 2 is a mere helpers and hardly a full-fledged combatants.

There is also a problem that has to deal with the Dynasty Warriors 8  as been around forever, because although the graphics and gameplay already suffered a standstill, has come up with seemingly find no solution to the computational problem.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Gameplay

Even in single player mode, the engine stutters often worse than the Wild Mouse at the fair. However, once you play a couple, there are FPS dips of the worst kind; places runs and fights your character in slow motion and that the enemy armies are often not visible and then, all of a sudden, aufploppen next to you is not uncommon, but the rule, which is unfortunately less often confirmed by an exception.

To even say perfect, or better the whole thing: terrible round, the game is full unfortunately so ago glitches, bugs and nasty graphical errors. Figures disappear into walls, orders can suddenly no longer meet the character sinks into the ground and, as just mentioned, the enemies popping suddenly out of nowhere and are untouchable until now, which makes it quite difficult to make certain commands result.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Conclusion

As bad as it might seem, however Dynasty Warriors 8 is not nearly as scary as you might think. There is a very large game that constantly tries to make a little bit more. Thus, the order of magnitude in terms of modes, weapons and characters, greatly improved and the developer can be proud that every buyer should be loose several hours engaged in the game without being too big boredom exposed.

But the bottom line is the eighth part is only for hardcore fans of the series or those who love the genre you like, but not a single Dynasty Warriors 8 can call their own.

The main reason is that there is nothing strikingly new. The graphics are not just standing still, it almost seems as if they would go back a few steps backward. The gameplay is always changing, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but has never really change.

So the bottom line is what you get, is a Dynasty Warriors, which is again expanding its strengths and offers you a scope like no part before. But refrained polish only one of its weaknesses and simply carries on merrily, as the superhuman warrior wegputzt the watered-soldiers for hours and hours.

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