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List of New Cars in GTA 5

There are a huge variety of vehicles loosely based on real-world planes, boats and new cars in GTA 5. A total of 257 vehicles are available in the game divided into a total of 21 different types. Discover some new exclusively unlockable cars for GTA 5 in this article.

New Cars in GTA 5 - Classic Burger Shot Stallion

Muscle Cars

The Classic Burger Shot Stallion with its arresting paint job and body work is in the list of unlockable rare cars in the Muscle cars category. There is also the Imponte Duke O' Death with its heavy body armor and classic carbon metallic finish that gives it the lethal and rugged look like in the movie Death Race. The outrageous Duke O' Death forays fear among racing competitors.

New Cars in GTA 5 - Vapid Pisswasser Dominator

The Vapid Pisswasser Dominator is third in the muscle new cars in GTA 5 that looks the least intimidating of the three muscle cars. To match up to the physical strength or robustness of Duke O' Death and Bravado Sprunk Buffalo, there is the Bravado Redwood Gauntlet. The next car in the lineup looks appealing with a classic body design that is synonymous with traditional muscle cars and its broad hood in the front, the classic stallion convertible. The Imparte Dukes without any added body armor is the regular version of a classic muscle car.

New Cars in GTA 5 - Go Go Monkey Blista

Sport Cars

The Go Go Monkey Blista takes us back to the sports section with its adorable and striking styled body work. Completing challenges in GTA 5 will unlock this car. The Blista compact may please racing purists but seems less-appealing in contrast to the Monkey Blista.

New Cars in GTA 5 - Bravado Sprunk Buffalo

The third in the list of exotic sports new cars in GTA 5 is the Bravado Sprunk Buffalo, given its aerodynamic body finish and contemporary paint job which looks stunningly beautiful.

New Cars in GTA 5 - Truffade Adder

A 2-door hypercar featured in GTA 5 is the Truffade Adder. The car is deeply based on the Super Sport Bugatti Veyron especially in its rear bumper area, general shape, side windows and the greenhouse area. For the headlamps, wheels, and front fascia, the design of this car has some similarity to the Saab Aero-X. It has the taillights of Aston Martins with sideways U shaped taillights. The front and sides of the car get inspiration from the Super Veyron illustrations. The car’s top speed is up to 253 mph.

New Cars in GTA 5 - Overflod Entity XF

Another 2-door supercar in GTA 5 is the Overflod Entity XF. There is the logo with white and blue details similar to that of the Maserati on the hood and has the size and shape of the Koenigsegg. The Swedish Koenigsegg CC8S Car design is possibly the inspiration for the new cars in GTA 5. The taillamps are also identical to the Lamborghini Aventador and the Koenigsegg Agera. The Porsche Carrera GT lends design to the rear hood.

New Cars in GTA 5 - Cheval Marshall Monster Truck

Cheaper than The Liberator that is priced $742,014, Cheval Marshall Monster Truck costs at $500,000. The Kraken Submarine is possibly one of the most expensive among the rarest vehicles in GTA 5 that will set you back by $1,325,000. Another exclusive rare vehicle that will be unlockable in GTA 5 is the Xero Blimp. Keep playing the game and find out new cars in GTA 5.

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