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New Cars in GTA 5

No doubt, new cars in GTA 5 are one of the main attractions of the game that has come out this week on sale. Powerful sports, giant SUVs, quads ... Anything goes for crime in GTA 5.

New Cars in GTA 5 - The Fastest At Your Fingertips

"The vision of a consortium of manufacturers of tires, cars and oil, finished with excessive traffic congestion caused many burdens and 60 years ago in Los Santos. This paved the way for literally kilometers of highways. Whether you're on the road to lend a sporty, like travel the Blaine County in an SUV, avoid heavy sellers and choose from a variety of online vehicles.". This paragraph posted on the official website of the video game manufacturer Rockstar reveals some of the new cars in GTA 5.

Among the featured vehicles at the official site listed the Benefactor Feltzer the Tailgater Ober and Coil Voltic. Simeon Yetarian salesman Premium Deluxe Motorsport gives a detailed description of each.

New Cars in GTA 5 Feltzer

Feltzer: "It must be someone very special to drive a car like this Someone who trends dial with lots of character, a winner The kind of guy who takes risks, who pursues what he wants without letting it overwhelm the small print... are you that person? Come to my dealer in Pillbox Hill and make you think so. This car is amazing! Not last long in this type of competitive interest".

New Cars in GTA 5 Tailgater

Tailgater: "Look at this car and ask what price would give you the elegance, status, sophistication. Well, forget that price because I offer flexible repayment terms to suit any budget. Do not let society and banks tell you what you can afford and what is not. Do not have credit? No problem, I give you! I want everyone to live the American dream, like me".

New Cars in GTA 5 Voltic

Voltic: "I fail to see how that would be passing the midlife crisis or want to draw the attention of women, but if I did, I would not think twice and invest a small percentage of my future earnings to procure one sports like this. Many of you probably think that having a Voltic is an impossible dream, but I've come to tell you that, with a little creative collateral, can make that dream come true without checking your creditworthiness. Take him to home today without any payment!".

However, these are just three of the cars of GTA 5. The new game offers players many more models. At this point it should be clear that all of them are fictional, but are based on actual models. In fact there is one exception, the Bravado Banshee, which has been brought to reality by the American company West Coast Customs.

Among the cars in GTA 5 include some models already present in the series and new. In addition, players have the opportunity to tune your car (only have to visit Customs LS) with custom wheels, paint, body kits, and much more to make your car really yours.

Thank you for reading the new cars in GTA 5.

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