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Tips and Trick On how to play GTA 5 online

Make sure you know how to play GTA 5 online when trying the GTA Online. Learn a wealth of information and tips on how to get started. You actually only play with 15 other people at any given time although GTA Online is a massively multiplayer online game. You’re free to explore the world wherever you want as it features pretty much the same open world as the single-player version. But, it has specific missions and activities for example; you can directly see each other of whichever other players you’ve grouped up with when get put into an area. Keep reading to learn more.

how to play GTA 5 online

Fair Game

You need friends to work with to get the most out of GTA 5. You can take the initiative and invite people to join you. Than waste time and money fighting each other, people are happier to work together most of the time. You’re fair game for other players while you’re wandering around the open world, so keep alert. If you want to know how to play GTA 5 online in solo mode, simply select GTA Online from the menu as invite only after you load the story mode. Link up with other players as soon as possible is the best way to play and spawn whatever instanced activity you’re interested in as playing solo does limit your character’s development somewhat. This allows you just focus on completing missions and having fun while keep out of the way of grievers. From continuously killing other players, there are measures in place to discourage players but someone will do anything if they want. So watch out when you’re in free roams to get sniped the moment you exit a hospital after being killed. Be careful with tempting-looking vehicles and look closely at how they’re parked since cars can also be booby-trapped. Skip them if it doesn’t feel right.

how to play GTA 5 online multiplayer

When you arrive in GTA Online

Watch for white dots on your map as they’re the other players you’re sharing your server with. Get ready if you see one approaching you fast. They might simply passing through on their way to a job or just be fleeing for cops. But pull out your gun, find cover, and stay still until you know what’s up as they might also be a griever out for blood. One thing to remember on how to play GTA 5 online, most businesses and stores are PvP-free zones so players can harm or kill each other there. So you can find refuge in these areas if you need to, and stay there until the other players leave.

How to Play GTA 5 Online Video

Find some friends

Invite people to join you as a group is the best way to play GTA Online or simply wait for someone to start a group invite. You might want to go off and start solo mission if the people you’re playing with are a bit crap. You can keep on playing with them if it turns out they’re quite handy by using the post-job voting menu to replay the previous job or start a new one. Just keep in mind the above tips on how to play GTA 5 online so you can stay alive when roaming the GTA world.

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