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The Best GTA 5 Trucks

GTA 5 trucks are the best vehicle in the game to go through both on road and off-road. The new GTA 5 is taken part in the fictional town of Los Santos, an imitation of Blaine County and Los Angeles. It includes a vast rural area covering deserts, mountains, as well as off-road environments in Southern California. This topography makes player spent most driving time off-road. Make sure you try these trucks that are available in GTA 5 as they are the best car to enjoy the world.

GTA 5 Trucks Bravado Duneloader

Bravado Duneloader

The best features of the other trucks are available in the Bravado Duneloader including great acceleration, speed, handling and ground clearance. It has that looks just like a classic Dodge Power Wagon. With a shorter wheelbase, better ground clearance, and a narrower track, its powerful engine allows it to accelerate well. The large knobby tires look to be about 37 inches high. It provides good rebounding on jumps but keeps the center of gravity fairly low thanks to the mild suspension lift which allows for lots of single wheel-lifting fun without rolling. There is a short front project with a skidplate that shields the entire area from the heavy-duty front bumper to the front differential. This truck is one of favorite GTA 5 trucks because of the clearance, power, and handling. The Duneloader is great at crawling on and around rock, and has the power for huge jumps, which makes it the most fun to drive all over the terrains. The Duneloader comes with either a full of items pickup bed, or one empty it can be found mostly in the rural areas of Blaine County.

GTA 5 Trucks Canis Bodhi

Canis Bodhi

The Canis Bodhi truck is assigned to GTA character Trevor Phillips, which is like Land Rover styling and a low-slung Kaiser M715 with some plenty of power. There is one in Blaine County, but you can wait until the Trevor character is introduced into the storyline. Even without any modifications, The Bodhi is great to drive both on- and off-road as it is one of the fastest and best-handling GTA 5 trucks. A standard heavy-duty front bumper can be fitted with a roll bar with bullhorns and spot lamps and can takes a lot of abuse. The Bodhi keep the tires planted while climbing and makes landing jumps very easy as it has a very low center of gravity as the tires are not that big and the suspension is not lifted. Compared to the other full-size trucks, the pickup is very handy when you take the side of a mountain and walk on harsh track.

GTA 5 Trucks Canis Mesa

Canis Mesa

The Canis Mesa looks a lot like the JK Unlimited that is very capable off-road even though it isn’t as powerful as the full-size trucks. The Mesa fit in places where the larger trucks have trouble, and more it’s very hard to tip over thanks to its low center of gravity, a good ground clearance, and a short wheelbase allows. the Mesa have a live rear axle, with the front looks more like a solid beam but the suspension appearance influents the abilities of the trucks in any way. All trucks actually ride lower when having suspension upgrades through the Los Santos Customs performance shops, but will perform better both on and off-road. The Mesa jumps well, since it’s comparatively lightweight among GTA 5 trucks and its boxy footprint allows easier to land.

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