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6 Recommended Movies about Video Games

Movies about games are often surprisingly high quality. We present the best among them and say why the recent docu-video games - includes the movie No.

Jeremy Snead has collected over $100,000 on Kickstarter, to fulfill his dream: a feature-length and in-depth documentation about the medium video game. Occasionally, movies or documentaries about the game industry exist, but mostly they are very specific on certain areas.

Jeremy Sneads is good and right in the core, but it lacks the vision clearly. To document the entire history of video games, not even the already overlong 100 minutes length ranges at the end? ERGO is only the infamous scratching at the surface.

Video Games: The Movie

As The ZDF Would Be Involved

For 13 dollars can Sneads heart project stream online or see on iTunes. But instead of more complex insights into the highly exciting mechanisms of an industry only rapidly ascended, even before the total collapse and that since then over and over again reinvents itself, the documentation basically involves not much more than a mundane series of acquaintances.

Video Games: The Movie often acts as the ZDF had over a report this video game things there... commissioned. The love of the medium is indeed noticeable, but for the informed gamers - even for those who have no all-encompassing knowledge - there is here not only information that was not already known. Times that brought out NES and eventually followed the PlayStation, the Nintendo gaming muffle themselves know. What has eSports now, anyway?

Failure to go, as promised in the depth appears all the more tragic, because Jeremy Snead thanks to the help of powerful supporters (like Zach Braff from scrubs, David Perry, or Cliff Beszinski) gets many individual industry leaders in front of the camera. Louis Castle (Westwood), Brian Fargo (interplay), Hideo Kojima (metal gear solid), Peter Molyneux - they are all there. Just to say they all have nothing.

Big Names, No Statements

Statements such as “video games were suddenly to the mass media or I remember when I saw my first video game seen from the mouths of these men enough”. Of course, it's fascinating to listen to Nolan Bushnell, when he talks about the early days of playing. But it lacks the small and big secrets under the covers, which would raise the hip from the banality.

Whether the reason is now that Snead has asked the wrong questions at the Rotary or the big-name developers already too deep pre-installed plug PR phrases in the swamp is hard to say. At the end anyway, couldn't get, the contracted massive potential to mourn, which would have salvaged each of these interviews. None must be present on a subject of more than one or two sentences.

Video Games the Movie Bored Staged Boring Statistics

Even Video Games: The Movie effect strange haste. Snead jumps around not only between the individual subjects, he disregards any narrative structure, begins with a wave from statistics and animated graphs, scratching on the history of video games then, ends up then suddenly back at the beginning of the timeline. He has seemingly not rightly settled a thread before the filming.

Who Should Watch This?

Snead tried again to more interesting aspects. An interesting thesis, but not far enough running is that the industry about the 1980s found out the way out of the Branches crash, because she understood that tangible characters, immersion and exciting stories are more important than pure game mechanics and colourful graphic history.

At the end of a film which may - still quite pleased when you expect not more than the satisfaction of nostalgic feelings and conjuring memories remain. Then you can in Video Games: The Movie for around nine euro plunge nearly two hours in his favorite hobby, accompanied by the voices of the heroes of an entire generation, illustrated with great game scenes.

You could also save money, go on YouTube and there millions of videos watch in the same. And that's also the point: is gaming, such as Video Games: The Movie rightly found, arrived in the mass market. A documentary like this, so superficial and content is shallow, that she suited up as visual aids for uninformed parents, comes just 10 years too late.

The Alternatives

There are alternatives to Video Games: The Movie. Documentaries that make the mistake of overlifting, excessive ambitions but deliberately to illuminate aspects of gaming and so much deeper dive into the matter. On the following pages, we present a few of the best movies about games.

Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie has not only a very exciting, because updates and very prominent theme picked out, he selects also a very interesting perspective. Because unlike others, sometimes adulatory documentaries about the medium video game, Indie Game: The Movie also to where it hurts.

You realize, as a spectator again when one rejoices with the developers, annoys, or regrets devastating setbacks. That Indie Game: The Movie, in spite of many negative insights at the end but as a declaration of love for the medium goes through the game and thereby incidentally portrayed the emergence of such indie legends such as Super Meat Boy or Fez, speaks for the superb quality of this documentary.

How Video Games Changed the World

How video games changed the world is a one and a half hour documentary by the British TV station Channel 4 and reminiscent of by the premise made Video Games: The Movie. However, maker Charlie Brooker selects a different minimum approach, what turns out to be the smart move. Instead of which to pounce on the entire history of the game and to get bogged down, in its many facets, Brooker focuses on the 25 in his opinion most important games of all time.

Based on Grand classics such as Pong, StarCraft or Tomb Raider, he explains how video games and video players have changed over the years and affects their environment. As you can learn then exact details from the production - every game such as the ghosts in PAC-man were actually? " Be explained here and illuminated even more, less deep.

Free To Play

Free to Play because he was not shot by an independent filmmaker, is a more difficult candidate in this list, but valve itself--so the company, which is behind the game, that's at stake: Dota 2. Free to play follows three professional players on their way to the forefront of the online sports, illuminated the origins of competitive gaming, takes a look behind the scenes and follows the three to the finals of the biggest Dota 2-tournament of the world.

That is exclusively about Dota 2, is however irrelevant to the General message of the movie. The slightly more than an hour long documentary dives deep into the world of eSports, shows emotional moments, even dark sides illuminated and thus opens up a fascinating look into this world, which probably remains a mystery for outsiders. Free to play is high-quality shot and cut and - this is perhaps the best - totally free on YouTube can be viewed (see above).

Free To Play: The Movie

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

When it comes to the topic of serious movies about video games goes, and then this documentation from the year 2007 is a prime example. Purely superficially involves Donkey Kong in King of Kong. Actually, a brilliantly told story about our all hobby will be shown here. Billy Mitchell, 25 years unbeaten ranked King's Kong machine encounters a Challenger - and this is your movie.

This amusing feud only as a parable is of course to understand. We have felt comfortable all ever the passion with which both men for the victory train, with which they go through dry theory on the basis of sketches and ultimately sweat before the machines, as a player. King of Kong delves deeply into the lives of both Contracting Parties, interviews (borrowing) family members and keeps the camera on it even in difficult moments. The documentary has won several awards and is available on iTunes to buy.

I Am the Street Fighter

Similar to free to play, also I am the Street Fighter is a commissioned work by Capcom themselves and also similar to this the quality of the documentation does not diminish. Although is here solely the title beating number in focus, the thematic spectrum could be but seamlessly turn on each other representative of the genre. Why the subjunctive? Because street fighter.

Capcom's Street Fighter is regarded not only as the founder of the Beat-em-up genre, it was and is always a pop-cultural phenomenon. The little more than one-hour documentary captures this aspect above all succeeded: even DJs at parties come to Word, create guiles theme. The eSport event is particularly exciting, of course. With Justin Wong comes to Word, a real Street Fighter legend of one of the greatest moments of the Gaming History: EVO 2004 anyone?

A Tale of Internet Spaceships

The most up-to-date and at the same time shortest docu is A tale of Internet Spaceships, a 50-minute film about EVE Online. Filmed by CCP it here turns everything to our time, the fascination that probably most complex MMO and the cult, the game left in its wake. The obsession with detail the Icelandic developer may seem fascinating though, unfortunately inherits the documentation but also the main criticism of the game: it is hardly accessible.

Except from a few scenes from the annual FanFest, lengthy interviews about economics, Social Affairs, and in-game mechanics dominate the film. Even game scenes are only sparse and not used. And on top of that the documentary is purely cinematic the weakest under the preceding. The tone is often unclean and improperly mixed the image also changeable.

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