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Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct

As you know Nintendo Direct is a live show where news and developments from the same company; this time was focused on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Here you will find all the news that were released this highly anticipated game. If you want to see the full Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct can do from here:

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct Characters

Let's start with the basics, the characters. The series creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed that the transformations of the characters will no longer be possible, as Zero Suit Samus or Sheik, whereas now be separate characters.
"All the characters that changed during play and will do so no more. Instead you can focus on only one set of skills the whole game"
Sakurai said that Zero Suit Samus had been designed with slightly less physical strength, so I needed to find a way to make it stronger. The development team also added two special moves to Sheik.
Another character that makes his return is always reliable dinosaur, Yoshi. This character has been part of the list of fighters from the original Smash Bros. Nintendo 64.

Finally the last two Pokémon were confirmed characters. The first is one of the most recognized and famous for not obeying Ash, everyone remembers the mighty Charizard, now without a coach Pokémon. The second is a stealthy and deadly, Greninja frog. Both have Mega Evolutions will change its shape.

So far 29 characters have been confirmed for this game.

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct Multiplayer 

Another of the issues discussed was the multiplayer, then the explanation of how it will work:
Players will be able to play online with friends or against other players in various modes of play, online multiplayer friendless has two modes "For Fun" or "For Gloria".

The 'For Fun' mode only records the victories of the players and puts opponents on random maps, exclusive "Final Destination", and includes all items. The 'By Gloria' mode instead leveled the game by removing all items and putting all the items Final Destination style versions of different levels and logs defeats as victories.

Playing with friends either online or locally you can play with custom rules.

Super Smash Bros Wii U

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct Launch Window

Masahiro Sakurai revealed finally launch windows in which they will be released; the 3DS version will be released this summer, while the Wii U be released this winter. Super Smash Bros. is being developed in collaboration with Namco Bandai Games.

Nintendo also confirmed that the fighters on the 3DS version will move to 60 fps, and support the use of 3D.

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