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Middle earth Shadow of Mordor Overview

Tolkien returns to the world of video games by Warner and Monolith with action and adventure that promises a story to the height of one of the most famous novels in history. We talked about the Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, he will try to return to its former glory based on The Lord of the Rings games. We have tested and will tell you if you have enough to get it.

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor

A True Story Books

If something scares us fans of the world of Middle Earth every time a new game is announced is the possibility that the writers run out going their hands and find ourselves with something that has little or nothing to do with the books.

The story focuses on Talion, a Ranger who lives in the Black Gate before the return of Sauron to Mordor - we chronologically between the events of The Hobbit and what will happen in The Lord of the Rings -. When the Dark returns senors, Orcs attack the settlements of men and murder Talion and his family, but this is not the end of the Ranger course. Thanks to an ancient curse, Talion back from the dead with the help of Spectre, a ghost that will give great powers and allowing you to return to the world of the living to seek revenge. This spectrum will be key in the main story and although it may seem otherwise, is not a character created by the studio and the writers for the game, but is directly taken from the appendices. This character will allow us to learn even more the wide world of Middle-earth, and notice, it will not be the only one to show up.

And the argument is that it is one of the points where Monolith wanted to focus when developing Shadow of Mordor, leveraging the full potential of the literary work and exploiting some new elements that had not yet seen either the film or other video games.

Shadow of Mordor Dark Ranger

Nemesis the System as A Reference For The Next Generation

This fully automatic system will generate enemies and characters of the open form of the game world, and will be integrated with the story missions in order to offer a different experience in each campaign.

In addition, he has worked extensively in the enemy AI, which in this case will have memory and can remember previous encounters with Talion act accordingly. In the demo we saw one of the Uruks heads survived and escaped a battle with us, which led to surround you with more and more security guards waiting for us to return to appear to finish the job.

Death is a vital element in the Nemesis system. If anyone manages to defeat our enemies, he will become a famous guy in the hierarchy of Mordor, and become more powerful when we return to the game. In the show, after being defeated, we saw a number of events that occurred until our return from the world of the dead, our executioner ascended within the exercised Orcs, there were internal power struggles of course, dead warlords, others became more powerful in short ... the Nemesis system offers a completely open world rich and variable in which each and every one of our actions influence the development of the story.

Shadow of Mordor Talion

The Importance of Think before Acting

Knowing that our actions are very important in the game, what looked like a game of action and adventure becomes a story with important strategic touches. And every mission may be embodied in many different forms, having a directed trace. So our mission is based on eliminating the commanders of the army of Sauron, which can do it the way you like it.

This will have the powers of the spectrum and the combat skills of Talion. These skills can be expanded and improved as we level up, unlocking new combos and powers. We will also have access to runes that get defeating powerful enemies and that writing them in our arms will make them more powerful and popular. This is something that happens very often in the history of Tolkien, the famous weapons are known and feared by his enemies. We can do the same, and with these runes can even cause the orcs flee lowest ranking us just draw the sword.

Shadow of Mordor Gameplay

We could define the combat system as a cross between Arkham Seen On Batman saga along with the mechanical characteristics of Assassins Creed. This is a fairly simple system based on attack and counterattack. In the demo it seemed to us that it can become a bit repetitive, but the variety of situations and the use of the powers of the spectrum (that allow us, for example stun enemies or completely control them to fight on our side) can do ignore this fact. But the result is quite spectacular (gross combos quite reminiscent of the fatalities of Mortal Kombat) and did not find it bad at all.

For fighting, we will have three different weapons: a sword, a bow and a dagger. In addition, we can help some beings Wildlife Mordor to use as a mount and as allies fighting against orcs. And although Talion is extremely powerful, enemies are many, many. The hordes of Orcs are mixed with a lot of leaders and captains Orcs, causing the end the number is so high (plus they will try and get to surround yourself in a situation even more complicated) no way out alive. So good planning to tackle missions mixed with stealth will be vital in the game.

If we put a stick to the game play, this is that in the demo the enemies seemed to lack vision, and not detected until you were practically next to them. However this can by demonstration and certainly in the final version this more balanced difficulty.

Shadow of Mordor Map

Shadow of Mordor A Game Of Old School

For Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, Monolith has focused all its efforts on the creation of the Nemesis system and the construction of an elaborate, immersive and mature story that engage the player gets. And we can say that the result is simply spectacular. We are not in the typical game that seeks to make money by taking the franchise in which is based; Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor has every chance to become one of the best games of the year and a series of reference for the new generation.

Do you remember when the graphics were not all that mattered in a game but what was sought was a unique game play? Well that's Shadow of Mordor. Graphically the game is quite limited, with more own graphics last generation of the new, but its mechanical (again thanks to the Nemesis system) are unique and make it a game that any fan of video games you should try . This is also a round game, the kind with a beginning and an end and you do not need the extra DLC for the real story. In fact the team has wanted to focus both on the experience of a player that the game lacks online play of any kind, something sad at first but that means if the price to pay for getting such an accomplished history.

Shadow of Mordor Sauron

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor it has everything necessary to become one of the biggest titles of the year, as already demonstrated with each new video that have been published. All gamers have an appointment on 3 October to enjoy the history of Talion and its epic struggle against hordes of Sauron. And if you had doubts mime that Warner will give this title, it is confirmed that come with high-quality dubbing:

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor - The Bright Lord Story Trailer

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