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The New Playstation 4 Controller

Long been discussed and around puzzled. In many media rumors were spread that the new Playstation 4 controller is able to do well or not also can.

The new Playstation 4 controller is just 210 grams in weight and thus a little lightweight. The layout of the new Playstation 4 controller 's similar to the well-known designs of the Playstation controller bygone days. Thus, the new controller comes in known Button Design therefore. X, triangle, diamond and square, as you but could already suspect, will continue to be our companion when it comes to hunt aliens to duel us in football against each other to play war or conquer with Sackboy, the little planet.

Playstation 4 Controller

A major innovation is added, however. Sony jumps on the social media to train and has the new Playstation 4 controllers a Share button integrated. For those who have been already often shared their Playstation Game information, for example, on Facebook, the feature is certainly a nice feature. No more and no less. In the future, one can assume in any case that more users of its Playstation game progress reveal the social network.

Otherwise, the controller provides quite a bit of new. The two Dual sticks are a little further apart than the Playstation 3 controller n and will thus improve the game experience. A perfectly understandable and also good measure I think. The previously existing always start and select buttons have been replaced by a Sony Options button. Also, a good idea as the gain of the L2 and R2 deductions for the controller that have yielded some slightly.

Another innovation in the new PlayStation 4 Controller has the light bar on the back of the controller. This enables the detection of the Playstation 4 integrated Eye camera and is an improved gameplay contribute. In addition to these new features in the future, not only will DualShock provide a lively feel to by a small integrated into the controller sound system sound effects from games should be made ​​for an improved atmosphere here.

Sony Playstation 4 Controller

Rounding out the new PlayStation 4 controller by a two-point touch pad on the front, how this can be applied in new games, can of course only be suspected. The options in the game are enhanced by the touchpad of course amazing, so now you can already look forward to new ideas and intuitive game itself.

I think in general you can say that the new Playstation 4 controller promises much, it remains to be seen whether he can fulfill this as well. Especially the integration of the new sound system, and the two-point touchpad are certainly great options out to enhance the gaming experience far-reaching, but they are also new vulnerabilities. Experience has shown that changes at Sony are always gone without a hitch. Let's hope that it stays there.

It should be cleaned up with the rumor that the new Playstation 4 controllers can be compared with the known Move controller. As Michael Denny, Vice President of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe told, is the new playstation 4 controller definitely can not be used as a Move controller, as the Move controller is a very different type of controller. This is quite logical, and thanks to the already built-eye camera in the new Playstation 4 console , owner of Move controllers can look forward alls at least a little compatibility with the new system.

Thank you for reading The New Playstation 4 Controller. I hope you enjoy it!

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