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Nintendo - Stock Price Sags to About Eight Percent

After their non-consideration for the Nikkei 225 stock index, the Nintendo shares rose in Japan, the biggest price drop since mid-2011 for: more than 8 percent of the share value subsided.

Nintendo 2DS

Not so much as since July 2011 - The share price of the console manufacturer has slumped by 8.4 percent: nervousness Nintendo investors more. Reason for the sudden price drop is a report of the English website , according to the non-consideration of the security in the Nikkei 225 This is one of several stock market indices of the newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun for measuring the development of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is based on 225 selected stocks.

Speculation about a corresponding receptacle of Nintendo's stock had provided in the past few weeks for a price increase of over 30 percent. Now the share value is only 10,860 yen.

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Nintendo 2DS Price

Nolan Bushnell - Founder Atari Nintendo Sees on the Way Into Irrelevance

Nintendo comes in the latest generation of consoles is not really in motion: Although the in-house Wii U in November 2013, one year ahead of the competition from Sony and Microsoft, on the market came bobbing sales figures since the beginning slowly to himself, while all the world the release of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One answers fever. The only straw: the thriving business handheld with the Nintendo 3DS and the hope of the coming Nintendo 2DS.

Industry Veteran Nolan Bushnell sees in handheld area would not be too great future. In an interview with founder of Atari now expressed the fear that Nintendo could be on the way to irrelevance. Devices such as iPods, Android tablets and smartphones would be drained out of the handheld market, more and more and the competition, including Sony and Microsoft, have their consoles now also more open to the core target group of Nintendo, the under-twelve-year-olds:

"I do not think handheld gaming devices with focus still make sense. Not if you have an iPod or an Android Tablet Micro. And if you take look at the console market, then I think that this market is leveling off. Nintendo has always had a weakness for young people - they have always looked after very well by the sub-Twelve-year-olds, while all the other players have served, who were older than twelve years. Now, however, the other consoles are good enough for the younger audience."

He therefore do not think that the Wii U will still be a great success, so Bushnell conclusion.

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