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GTA 5 Online: Rockstar Reveals Features and Future Plans

GTA 5 Online - Rockstar Games revealed concrete details to online mode of GTA 5 For the launch of the multiplayer component, up to 16 players can be the same show in Los Santos and go to Blaine County Criminal tour. In several missions, race and sports activities gathers her fame and money. Rockstar wants to GTA 5 Online supply in the coming weeks and months with free updates and content.

Rockstar Games has announced in advance 5 interesting details about the multiplayer of GTA and on top of that released fresh screenshots. Up to 16 simultaneous players must explore Los Santos and Blaine County. You are all known from the solo campaign activities (such as golf, tennis and base jumping) are available in the online mode. More than 500 missions has promised to launch, all jobs can complete their as a lone wolf or team Rockstar Games.

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Also racing will be in GTA 5 Online mode, exclusively for the multiplayer announced Rockstar Games "rally" to. One player takes on the role of the driver, the co-pilot navigates you from checkpoint to checkpoint. A final aim of the game is not available in GTA Online. You created using a kit your individual character, and then sets off to rake in fame (experience points) and money. During the game, their new features, weapons, tuning options, vehicles and property unlocks.

Rockstar Games has a comprehensive blog post out that GTA Online may not be perfect at launch. Crashes, glitches, crazy bugs, unbalanced gameplay modes and game mechanics: With all the players should expect in the first weeks after release. The development studio sees the multiplayer of GTA 5 but as a major project. In the coming months the team at Rockstar wants to provide continuous updates and also follow up with new free content.

The plan is about the content creator, with which you create your own deathmatches and races and this can share with like-minded people. Later, Grand Theft Auto Online be extended by a Capture the Flag mode, new boats, gear and weapons. Also, the raids will follow in a later update. These missions require, according to Rockstar careful planning, teamwork and precise as possible implementation. Thank you for reading GTA Online.

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