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FIFA 14 Demo: Times for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC Known

Electronic Arts has announced the dates for download the FIFA 14 demo known While PC gamers can download the trial version already to Xbox 360 users still have to wait a little longer. PS3 FIFA 14 demo is available with the next update on the PlayStation Store for download. We summarize the times for the FIFA 14 demo together.

FIFA 14 Demo

FIFA 14 Demo Release

Today the demo for FIFA 14 appears Meanwhile, Electronic Arts has announced the times to download the trial version known to the new football simulation. For PC players, FIFA 14 demo is already available for download. Who wants the demo on the PC games, logs on with his account with EA's Origin download platform where searches for FIFA 14 and charged via the appropriate product page Download the demo. Xbox 360 players, however, have to wait a bit. About the messaging service Twitter Electronic Arts has announced the time for the Xbox 360 version of FIFA 14 demo released.

FIFA 14 Demo Download

FIFA 14 Demo Release Date

FIFA 14 Demo Download

The trial version will be available as Download Interim therefore 11 und 15 clock clock German time on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo for FIFA 14 on the PS3 appears slightly later. According to Electronic Arts, the test version of FIFA 14 will be released today evening 17-19 Clock U.S. Time (PT time zone). Users with a UK PSN account can choose between 2 und 4 clock clock (German time) today night access to the demo. In the German PlayStation Store demo of FIFA 14 should appear in the next update. Specific times for German PSN users, however, did not share with Electronic Arts.

FIFA 14 Demo Screenshots

In general, the German PlayStation Store is updated on Wednesdays to 16 clock and 17 clock. Once we have more info, learn the course at this point. Keep the best of our themes page to FIFA 14 in mind. Because there we will keep you with the latest news, videos and screen shots to date. The times for the FIFA 14 demo come from Twitter. The PC demo of FIFA 14 can be downloaded via this link. The demo allows games with teams Borussia Dortmund, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona, ​​Boca Juniors, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and New York Red Bulls unsubscribe. That's all about FIFA 14 demo.

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