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Diablo 3: PS3 Version Review

How exciting to finally appear, the third part of one of the most revered PC series for consoles. We tested the PS3 version. Diablo 3 is a true heavyweight in the industry. Even those who have not tried it yet, will certainly have heard of it and probably expect a formidable combination of "Avatar" and the Bible. Only with more amulets.

Diablo 3 PS3

Diablo 3 - Massacre in Hell

Maybe we should adjust these expectations to the reality of something. Neither is the act of "Diablo 3" is a life-parabola, which one is able to tell my grandchildren, still rips the gameplay basics of all the dungeon crawler down and built it again. Despite the hardcore fan base is "Diablo 3" an accessible (suitable even for casual gamers) experience.

It works very simply: the player in fantasy kingdom Sanctuary The task is, as long as the X button to press until no more bad things happen. There are five classes to choose from, each with their own energy sources and tactical subtleties. The aforementioned bad things include a countless variety of hellish creatures. This is not intended to be criticism, because that is precisely what makes Blizzard's hack-and-slash game. There are no extraneous or irrelevant goals mechanics that distract from the core fun.

Diablo 3 fetishized mass slaughter expertly. Constantly being attacked by sinful creatures from all directions and can enjoy the power over them. If they hit her, exploding the hellspawn in a magnificent shower of gold and loot. It is the only game for the PS3, which can be measured in terms almost obsessively einsammelbarer many items with "Borderlands 2". Each monster is a kind of tumbling lottery ticket, which offers perhaps this one, crossbow rare.

This one has even more incentive to slaughter beasts of sin, you get delicious experience points when you massacred 20 or more enemies at the same time. As you climb in levels to win secondary killing abilities and better character stats. To kill, to collect loot and experience points. One uses loot and experience points to be able to kill more. It is an irresistible Skinner box and makes more fun with each repetition. Repetitions there are truly enough. In each mission you have to kill all the creatures in a given area. Now and then a boss fight comes between. If you have played through about 20 hours long carnage once, you will want to play it again on a higher difficulty level against bigger hordes of hellish creatures and even more powerful prey. And thereafter.

Diablo 3 PS3 Wallpaper

Diablo 3 PS3 Wallpaper

From old to new

The console version differs slightly from the stricken PC version, which required a constant Internet connection and often times "Error 37" indicating if the servers could not handle the volume players. In the console versions are required, except for the online co-op mode, no internet connection. But you can plunge into hell with his buddies also in the local co-op mode (for four players). There are no split screen, but it is out, so you can survey the carnage from afar.

The menus have been revised and are now clearly arranged radially. The camera is geared for the player, which must be very practical, but create a demon hunter, the space between himself and his goals in the barbarian class is annoying. All classes, however, is the new swerve welcome that you perform with the right analog stick.

In addition to the adjustments to the console format works 'Diablo III' like a hack-and-slash game whose design concept dates back to 2001 and was implemented with 2013 technologies. This is an intriguing approach to the problem of modern editions.

Star Breezes "Syndicate", Ninja Theory's "Devil May Cry" and 2K Marin's original design for the "XCOM" Shooter were all criticized for having too many liberties with the source material allows. Diablo 3 on the other hand provides the pure essence of the original game. The lack of character customization and animations can be at most positive. Diablo 3 is the ancient sin in a new place. The combination of Blizzard's defiantly old-fashioned dungeon crawler with the fascinating modern implementation works beautifully. The deceptively simple, expertly developed Beelzebub fighting game was an ingenious way on a platform that is not necessarily susceptible to this genre, ported.

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