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Diablo 3: PC Version Will Never get offline mode

In the PC version of Diablo 3 will remain so in future the permanent online mode, the developers of Blizzard confirmed in an interview. The game was designed from the start to the principle of co-operative play, this ideal, the makers also want to continue to receive.

Diablo 3

The console version of Diablo 3 has, unlike on the PC, via an offline mode, which many players sustains the hope that the PC version sometime get a true offline mode. These hopes, however, given Blizzard now again rebuffed. In an extensive interview with Euro Gamer speaks Game Director Joshua Mosqueira among others through the online forced the Diablo 3 PC version.

Diablo 3 Gameplay

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"On the PC, we want the players to feel like part of a big Blizzard and Diablo community something that Kevin Martens [Lead content designer] is always stressed. Diablo plays best with other people," explains The game director and also adds: "We have many plans online to give a meaning for us, it's related to this experience". Also lead content designer Kevin Martens agrees with this attitude.

"We have not added co-op is not just an additional feature, it is the ideal We do not want to impose on the people, but it is always available -..., The whole thing with boarding and alighting again - had since the start of the project of great value to us," said Kevin Martens.

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