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Call of Duty Ghosts Preview: Here is Commanded What to Expect Fans of the Series

Call of Duty Ghosts Preview: The spirits that I called, which I shall not let go and they are very heavily armed. We venture into the fight and tell you our impressions of the upcoming Precious shooter. New Screenshots wait in our Call of Duty Ghosts Preview.

Call of Duty Ghosts Preview

Call of Duty Ghosts Preview - In the first story mission of ghosts we're stuck in the skin of an astronaut on the space station Odin. But instead of a space walk to expect the attack of nasty terrorists and we will, freely floating in space, with force of arms to defend. As the villains finally addressed the giant laser of the space station to Earth and thus kill tens of millions of people, it's up to us to stop the disaster. In a heroic act we go into space, destroying the gun and die a hero's death expected.

All this happens in the first few minutes of the game. The campaign of Call of Duty Ghosts thus presents itself early on as a huge action fireworks with exaggerated sequences James Bond film redound to the glory of each. But that should not be all that the game has to offer if you want the developers to believe. Instead, to a mixture of bombastic action as shown in section as well as quieter moments, how it is used about Call of Duty 4, satisfy any gambler. We are excited to expect after all the impressions shown so far but still mainly entertainment on summer blockbuster level.

Call of Duty Ghosts Preview - Viva la Revolution!

Later in the game you are at least go back to the earth and thus also subject to the laws of gravity. In the role of main protagonist Baker you as you join the rebel organization ghosts. This asserts itself as the last opposition to the evil Federation, a South American superpower, which has taken control of the entire United States in the near future. Instead of telling how in the predecessors of super-soldiers, the developers want to make the stories of underdogs in the center this time. So you no longer plays by the experiences of several distributed over the globe fighters, but are limited to the members of your small squads. Also part of this squad: Your faithful shepherd Riley, who is you fight the fighters of the Federation bite securely to the side. About this animal means you can of course make his jokes, it enriches the feel but noticeably.

Call of Duty Ghosts Preview - 30 Seconds to Death

Regarding the multiplayer part we were presented the new map Stonehaven, but unfortunately could not lend a hand. The apparently inspired by Ireland or Scotland castle ruins invites to happy duels and convinces to the highly effective atmosphere by their impressive size. We were allowed to try on the other hand maps and modes that we have already received at Gamescom to face. The game mode flash about turns out to be a variation of capture the flag, with Cranked you need after a kill within 30 seconds another plug, as you otherwise explode. All maps are dynamic elements incidentally included, so you walk around on the map strike zone after the impact of a nuclear bomb by a completely different landscape than seconds before. In addition, some items on the cards will be destructible, so you can ever bring down a house roof over the heads of your enemies. Other elements of the multiplayer, such as kill streaks or the perk system were extended, but strongly oriented towards the predecessors.

Call of Duty Ghosts Preview - Me and my squad

A real innovation is the Squad mode. In this do you imagine your own little team together and stand both offline and online competitive and cooperative modes of. Here it is also possible to prove your skills in the fight against bots - especially for newcomers this is a good training opportunity. Who wants can also integrate their smartphone or tablet into the game and see in this way, for example, or organize Stats Clan Wars. Also as a practical innovation, the Call of Duty ID could prove: With this you can watch on any platform, be it PS4, Xbox One or login PC and then have access to your previous multiplayer progress. Thank you for reading Call of Duty Ghosts Preview.

Call of Duty Ghosts Screenshots

Call of Duty Ghosts Screenshots

Call of Duty Ghosts Screenshots

Call of Duty Ghosts Screenshots

Call of Duty Ghosts Screenshots

Call of Duty Ghosts Screenshots

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