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World of WarCraft movie - first known details about the story

The website Bleeding Cool was first collected information on the action of World of WarCraft movie, which is expected to hit theaters in 2015.

The authors at Bleeding Cool have been known details World of WarCraft film from director Duncan Jones collected. Thus, the film is not to be understood as an adaptation of World of Warcraft, but takes elements of the second and third part of the strategy series, and is probably located in this period the act.

World of WarCraft

The film's protagonist is a young and Khadgar's consul in the Senate of the Kirin Tor (a grouping of the most powerful mages in Azeroth) in the city of Dalaran. At the beginning of the story Khadgar is tasked to investigate a series of crimes, put the Dalaran in turmoil. But soon his mission takes him on an adventurous journey across the city. The character made ​​their first appearance in Warcraft 2 as one of the leaders of the Alliance during the Second War and the Expedition to Draenor. He also appeared in The Burning Crusade on.

World of WarCraft Movie

In addition, there is the mage Medivh know the connoisseur of games as the false prophet who in World of WarCraft 3 induces the invasion of the Burning Legion. In a later appearance before the beginning of the Third War, he unites the peoples of Kalimdor and lead them in the battle of Mount Hyjal to victory. As in the game, it should come to a confrontation with Lothar, the Lion of Azeroth and commander of the armed forces of Lordaeron in the film.

World of WarCraft Wallpaper

Rumor Medivh to be played by Johnny Depp, but this is not confirmed. Some well-known games from the orcs should have made an appearance in the film, as well as dwarves, elves and trolls.

Blizzard, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have recently at Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego behind closed doors a first teaser trailer for the upcoming World of Warcraft movie presents.

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