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PC games 5 years ago: Doom 4 is not Doom 4

PC games 5 years ago: Doom 4 is according to statements by Tom Willits no proper sequel to Doom 3 and therefore may appear under a different title. Details to the story, however, have not been betrayed at id Software those responsible. According to rumors, the first-person shooter based again on the earth.

Doom 4 Gameplay

PC games 5 years ago: After John Carmack and Todd Hollenshead on the Quake Con-fair price yesterday gave some details about Doom 4, we now learn that the fourth game of the horror series will not listen to that name. According to Big Download Doom 4 will not Doom 4 hot namely. Tom Willits of id Software confirmed this information. The reason? Doom 4 is not a continuation of the events in Doom 3 (german). But details about the story you wanted to tell as little as not entirely unimportant details the names of the new horror shocker is because wear now.

Doom 4 Release Date

Review: There are about Doom 4 until today virtually no information. id Software has revealed the first-person shooter at a bad time. The first-person shooter apparently was five years ago, only in the design phase. Pictures of Doom 4 has not yet indicated the Texan developer studio anyway. We may even learn at this year's Quake Con first details of the highly anticipated first-person shooter. We will keep you in any case to date.

Doom 4 Trailer

Doom 4

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