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Payday 2 Review - Bank Robbery Deluxe - Part 2

Payday 2 Screenshots

Payday 2 - Against the Wall

Payday 2 Review - However, such inescapable traps are not the rule. Often we can also go through our orders completely silent - assuming perfect team consultation. We need to make sure that we carry inconspicuous clothing and weapons that hostages not escape, passers-by are not aware of us and not radio messages remain depressed guards unanswered.

This makes for incredibly dense atmosphere and is to be a real thriller. After a flawless solid coup we feel as if we had won the Rubik's Cube World Championship - with only one hand and blindfolded.

Payday 2 Release Date

Of course it is just beginning to blunders, and so we have nothing to me, nothing the cops on you neck. While making the waves on patrol officers, SWAT units and the like rather than mass attention by AI class up, but here comes thanks to the cool settings, the exact shooter controls and the constant thrill of powerful fun on.

For additional adrenaline dynamic levels provide a la Left 4 Dead 2 . Both the location of many doors and passages as well as the paths of passers-by and security guards will be selected at random. More than once did us the laugh in his throat, as our great plan was made ​​by a wall destroyed, the last time was blessed with a door. Since it is worthwhile to explore the area again before the actual attack.

Payday 2 The Heist

Payday 2 Trailer

Payday 2 just almost like the A-Team

We have completed the mission successfully, will be charged. We not only get tons of gravel, but also experience points that allow us to gradually rise in the level. For the Money we can provide, for example, Kevlar vests, weapons or blunderbuss upgrade or modify our masks (see box). The selection is extensive, much needs to be activated by cross-sections, however, only level up. The latter offer us each new level is usually a skill point that we invest in one of four classes of trees.

The mastermind supplied the team with medicine boxes and has a knack for pulling cops on his side. The executor shall not only higher damage, but ammo is available. The technician relies on gadgets like stumbling mines and Sentry Guns while the mind continues to stealth, open doors and cameras can quickly incapacitate using ECM Jammer briefly.

So diverse and varied empowering, important as they are, because in missions with higher difficulty of each expert must know exactly where its advantages and disadvantages are. While we can distribute our points in different talent trees, however, it is useful, focusing on one.

Graphically similar to Payday 2 a perfect raid: It's normal. For this, the dynamic soundtrack and the good (English) scoring more care for the more successful gangster atmosphere. Pity, however, that there is no communication menu. Players without a headset be somewhat difficult to do in a foreign group. The best of multiplayer shooter plays just still friends.

Payday 2 Gameplay

Payday 2 Review Conclusion

Since I played Left 4 Dead no longer co-op shooter that works so well in a good group agreed. At Payday 2 High voltage, no matter if I spy on the place of use with buddies and try to pull off the attack completely silent, or we will deliver us a wild shootout with special forces, while trying to escape with as much loot as possible. The many missions and unlockables also offer plenty of food for many hours raid pleasure. I have but one request: Never start, never the solo mode! You just want to annoy.

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