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Payday 2 Review - Bank Robbery Deluxe - Part 1

Raiding We the bank without attracting attention - or we shoot all guns? In the multiplayer shooter Payday 2 test it soon becomes clear: The Co-cracker offers both options.

Payday 2

The upper Meier colleague and we want to rob a bank - in Payday 2 course. And he has invited two of his buddies. Guarding the front entrance and watch that no one escapes while we keep passing the thermal drill on the back door and safe in the eye. Sudden siren. Damn, a passerby became suspicious and called the cops.

The safe door is now open, we grab as much money as we can carry. At the back door awaits us a SWAT team. Smoke grenades obscure our view, some shots down stretch myself, but anyone can help me again. Over there, our getaway car. Hail of bullets we load the Sprinter. Upper Meier says that there are still massive money in the vault. Cut off or full risk? So be it: guns out and back in to the building, because hey, we finally rob a bank here!

Payday 2 Review

Payday 2 with Stupid Bots

Such situations are exciting in Payday 2 everyday. But on one thing we should be clear before us: The multiplayer shooter does not bear his name in vain. Alone with three AI-colleagues by pulling the big coup? One could forget.

The stupid bots are straight times to be able to shoot, and aufzuhelfen us when we go out to the floor. Who wants to experience the game in its full splendor and explore all of its intricacies, needs players of flesh and blood. With a good team is Payday 2 namely the co-op hit.

Payday 2 Gameplay

Payday 2 - Long day bank robbery Fun

The developer Overkill has taken the Fankritik to heart and increased the emissions of the predecessor nine to 30. Of bank robberies and drug transport to pure destruction missions and more of what the gangster's heart desires.

We can before using starting incidentally acquire useful tips and items: The alarm switch is simply faster, if you have first bought the blueprint of the bank, and of a contact man deposited Extra ammunition in the storeroom proves the police assault to be immensely useful.

Payday 2 Official Trailer

Cool new feature: The orders extend some cases even several game days, each of which is a separate mission. So we steal paintings from a gallery, for example, sell them the next day a sleazy politician and promptly got into an ambush the lawman.

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