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Dark: Oculus Rift and 3D TV support video

A few days before the release of her vampire stealth action game Dark, give Realmforge and Calypso in a video a first overview of the 3D TV options, the title has to offer. Besides the classic red / cyan glasses Dark will support one of the first games of the House of cyber goggles Oculus Rift. The individual TV-graphics options look like in practice, shows the new footage.

Dark Oculus Rift

Dark, the stealth-action game from the developers Realmforge, has several 3D graphics settings for your screen. Besides the classic 3D red / cyan glasses function, the title will support one of the first ever from the house of cyber goggles Oculus Rift. In a recent video we demonstrate the developer, how the whole thing will look like in practice. The moving image material can be found as usual under this message.

Dark Trailer


In the action game Dark it controls the vampire Eric Bane, who has some supernatural powers: Lightning fast shadow jumps for example, give you the ability to become invisible to teleport from place to place in order to kill enemies using finishing moves from the ambush can . To use the skills you are "blood points" deducted that you can freshen up but by the bite of an opponent again. Dark released on 5th July for PC and Xbox 360

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