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Halo Spartan Assault - Comes back to the PC as an arcade shooter

As a top-down arcade shooter, the Halo series is celebrating its PC comeback. Halo Spartan Assault appears next to Windows 8 for smartphones and tablets.

With Halo Assault Spartan from 343 Industries and Vanguard Games comes after nearly six years back a Halo game on the PC. However, this is not like the offshoot of the main series, a first-person shooter, but is played from a bird's perspective, appears as a download and will also be available for Windows Phone 8 alongside Windows 8th.

Halo Spartan Assault Gameplay

Halo Spartan Assault Release Date

In Halo Spartan Assault, the player directs optional Commander Sarah Palmer or the Spartan Davis by 25 between Halo 3 and 4 resettled missions. This again goes against the Covenant into the field. The story is intended to illuminate the background of the war with the aliens and the first use of the Spartan Ops.

Halo Spartan Assault Trailer

Fighting is done on a PC, smartphone and tablet depending on your preference and device with mouse and keyboard or touch controls. Despite new perspective of the struggles to provide the typical Halo feel.

Halo Spartan Assault

Despite purchase price of just $ 7 Microsoft offers a game store to premium upgrades for improvements, unique weapons and armor abilities. Who is patient, the item may work but is also without pay. Erspielte experience points - probably about Halo Waypoint - transferred in Halo 4 for Xbox 360 console. Halo Spartan Assault appear in July 2013 for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

The last offshoot of the series, which was published for PC in 2007 was the durchwachsene Windows Vista version of Halo 2. Bird's eye view Halo veterans already know, however, from the strategy game Halo Wars for Xbox 360.

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