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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - The guide for all mayor

For the first time in the history of Animal Crossing you are in the latest offshoot Animal Crossing: New Leaf mayor. And that brings additional obligations. In our guide we give you assistance to various fields.

Please note that the guide will be gradually supplemented by another - even images are added in a few hours. At the same time, it is impossible to write down everything in a guide as Animal Crossing: New Leaf is incredibly extensive and much is controlled by chance.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide

The first steps

You will be welcomed by Olli in a moving train, the first provides you the question, as you say. Give here your name or a nickname, which is supported in the game of your figure. Then you have three possible answers: "Cool, right?", "Pretty, is not it?" And "So I'm not". Selects their answer latter option, you can enter the name again.

Now Olli says: "Yes, yes! As a male name fits perfectly into a genuine guy like you. "Choose you" I think so, too. ", Then it confirms that you want to play a male character. Do you choose, however, "I'm a boy!", Your character is female, however.

Then you will be asked where her outward journey: give here the name of your future city. Also, you will be shown a map of your future city, which is more or less randomly generated. If you do not like, you can let generate new maps again and again.

Then you come already with your train in the city, and are greeted by the inhabitants. The hold confuse you and keep you for the new mayor. Even if you do indicates the opposite: they do not listen to you and insist that you're the new mayor. Well, then we make the game up. First you need to Melinda, your future secretary, go to the town hall, which is marked on your map. Once again, the cities are randomly generated, so we can not comment on positions and Co. at this point.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide

Your house

Once you're at City Hall, Melinda noticed that you have a suitable place to stay is missing that gets you in real Nook. So head north and cross the railway track (located in every city in the same place) to the shopping area. After you've talked with him, you can pick out you anywhere where you want to have your future home. We recommend in the vicinity of the town hall, so that the paths are shorter. Do you want to hear, however, ocean noise when you are in your house, then it builds directly on the ocean.

In the beginning, you will receive only a tent, get a house from Tom Nook but if you drop by the next one to two days with him. And then must be paid off, of course. Your humble abode was built, you go back to Melinda at the Town Hall, which invites you to a small festival where all city dwellers want to celebrate your arrival. Specially get her a tree that you have to plant them. This is also the time when you can save the first time. From then on you can save as your progress, which should make her a regular basis.
What happens now, can happen purely by chance. It is up to you which way you go, what you want to do it and how it's going. There is no right solution. But the aim should be clear: to build your own city and highly satisfied citizens.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide

Next should come to your house that makes you aware that you have a first letter in your mailbox rickety her postman Peter. That their post, have you seen on the flashing icon on your mailbox also pays attention to the fact that he is not full, otherwise Peter can deliver any more letters. In your first letter, the actual mayor speaks up and says that something got in the way and you should tell it to anyone. So he gives you his blessing. And who knows, maybe you learn at a later date, who should be mayor originally and what came between. By the way letters are not just for news, you can also send gifts to them and get some.

Next, you can again go to the town hall, where Melinda with tips waiting for you if you do not know what to do next. It suggests you may be faced (which is random) a chat with Bastian (residents are random) to keep, you should have not met him yet. Figures are to be found in their homes, when you look through windows or light smoke coming from the chimney. As long as none of the characters is asleep or sick, you only need to knock to be let. Should you not know which character lives in what house, then introduces the sign of the house and pushes A - then you will show the name. If a character is not at home, she leaves the door usually a message that what they are doing, for example, searching for food. In this case, it is somewhere to be found outdoors, where there might be edible accordingly.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide

Speaks most often with the characters, because they not only have a lot to tell, but also sometimes give you tips and even gifts. Every now and then you have to help them catch a fish, pick a juicy pear to propose them a chic piece of furniture or even to bring a gift to einenm other residents, for example. In almost all cases you will receive finally a reward. In addition, communicating with the residents of a certain social bond provides. Do you ignore a resident, it is possible that he simply moves to another city. Depending on whether you still hold her in time with him, you can change his mind with Gutzureden.

Unfortunately it is not possible to play two cities, but it is possible to play with several figures and profiles. Should you so wish to create a new game, the new character automatically moves to the city previously created by you and is there hailed as a new resident, but not as the new mayor. Once you're using the new profile in the city, you have to first go to City Hall and speak with Melinda, that the secretary of the mayor, the main profile. Again, one must first go back to Nook Realty (shopping street) in the north, to find accommodation.

Note to the planted tree

After the tree grows following times: 
  • 5 days and 5 hours 
  • 20 days and 20 hours 
  • 50 days and 50 hours 
  • 100 days and 100 hours 
  • 180 days and 180 hours 
  • 300 days and 300 hours 
  • 500 days 500 hours - Here the tree is fully grown
Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide

Tips and Tricks

Time and Clock

As in the DS version, you can also in Animal Crossing: New Leaf change the time and date, this just surrounded by you in your 3DS system. The game is always based on your date and time settings, so we have 22 clock is so dark, the city comes to rest and you can hardly visit shops. Do you play for example in December, is in Animal Crossing: New Leaf snow. Accordingly, it is in the game as the summer, when it is in reality summer ... and so on.

That you can take advantage and make you cheat a little. This is of particular interest to those players who have the day no time to play and to consider only at night or in the evening with Animal Crossing. The better solution in such cases is, of course, by changing the regulation, which the residents either get up three hours earlier or three hours later to go to bed (which also affects the shutters). How you going on here, you have to decide for yourself. But remember that Animal Crossing is also using the calendar and holidays and important days takes the occasion to celebrate about.

Floating Balloon

Every now and again take a look at the sky to scan, for example, a floating balloon that contains a gift. To bring this to burst and herunterzuholen the gift so, you need a slingshot. Should you have any spin in your possession, there is a little trick: Wait until the balloon reaches the edge of a beach and is directly over the edge. Brings out your nets and smite therewith. Now your gift should land softly on the sand at the beach.

Once a day, there is a stone in the city that can break it. This one you need your shovel and this skin against the stone - which is, of course, you have to find out yourself. Then you get a crystal which neatly brings Sternies depending on the color. Alternatively, these can be used for decoration as well to revise furniture to create (in the treasure trove at Björn) and gold furniture. At the start you can you pick just one crystal per day, but as soon as the museum shop was unlocked and you have bought the silver shovel, you can also find several per day.
  • Gold - Price: 4,000 Bells 
  • Silver - Price: 3,000 Bells 
  • Amethyst - Price: 2,000 Bells 
  • Ruby Red - Price: 2,000 Sternies 
  • Sapphire Blue - Price: 2,000 Bells 
  • emerald green - Price: 2,000 Bells
In addition, every day brings you a stone Sternies a few coins when you strike with the blade against her. By the way, do not sell her your crystal and carry it around with you, you will eventually approached by a resident who wants to buy it to you. In this case you get more Sternies for sale than you would get in the mine or in rip and drag.


Supposedly to make frequent race that over time the grass is less brown and you see more and more ground. We can confirm that at this point - at least not yet. This seems to be a gradual process.

You can make screenshots of your adventures himself. Simply pushes to the L and R buttons simultaneously to trigger the camera. Then the image is in your gallery that you can control via the 3DS or even over your computer as soon as you put the SD card into an SD slot of your computer. The images are stored exclusively in JPG format. The best quality that is not, but loose enough out, as you can see in our screenshots.

More space for items

Just 16 places you have in your pocket that you can fill with your items. Although the items have some deposit with the railway station and park in your own home, but who wants to wear certain items or as many items with them (about fruit, caged animals, etc), the letters can take advantage of each one and attach items there . Since items can be sent with letters, this is a good opportunity there to temporarily store the items. But beware that you will not accidentally sent these letters.

Items: Tools

Tools are very important in Animal Crossing, with them you can not only clear trees out of the way, but also dig holes, plants, catch fish from the water, watering flowers, and much more. So that means that you earn money with the tools, among other things, and can beautify your town.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Tools

Standard tools

  • Bucket: Available from rip and drag - 500 Sternies 
  • With her ​​you dig holes for planting, dig fossils and Co. and can knock against rocks to expose it about crystals 
  • Fishing rod: Available from rip and drag - 500 Sternies 
  • Nets : Available from rip and drag - 500 Sternies 
  • Axe: In The Nursery Available 500-Sternies 
  • Spin: available only after a shop extension with rip and drag - 500 Sternies 
  • Stopwatch: available only after a shop extension with rip and drag - 500 Sternies 
  • Megaphone: available only after a shop extension with rip and drag - 500 Sternies 
  • Hammer: available only after 10 medals in the island shop
There is a silver and a gold version, bring some benefits to some tools.

Silver Tools

  • Silver Scoop: Is obtained after donation of 15 fossils and museum expansion on second floor / advantage: more crystals after hitting a stone 
  • Silver Fishing Rod: Is obtained after donation of 30 fish and museum expansion on second floor / benefit: fish bite more and faster 
  • Silver Landing: Is obtained after donation of 30 insects and museum expansion on second floor / Advantage: capture range is greater 
  • Silver Axe: Available in the island shop for 8 Medals / Function: Holds longer and produces occasional rare patterns in tree stumps 
  • Silver slingshot: Gets you if you shoot two silver balloons on which the silver spinner is attached / Function: Shoot two shots at once from 
  • Silver Watering Can: Buy at the nursery mindestens50 flower seeds and then speak with Gerd / Function: is irrigation area greater

Golden Tools

  • Golden Shovel: Will I, by Gerd from the nursery to buy at least 50 fertilizers / Advantage: Power fertilizers not only more effective but also allows the planting of a gold tree 
  • Golden fishing rod: Receives, if one of the after each fishing with the host Fishing Tournament speaks / benefit: fish bite much longer and faster 
  • Golden Nets :: Will I earn, if you by any insect trap with the host of the insect tournament speaks / Advantage: fishing area is considerably larger 
  • Golden Axe: Will I, by Gerd from the nursery to purchase of at least 50 trees / Function: never goes broke, provides rare patterns in tree stumps and goes faster through 
  • Golden Spin: Gets you if you shoot / feature three gold balloons: Shoot three shots at once from 
  • Golden Watering Can: Provides 15 days Long for a perfectly clean city and talk afterwards with Melinda / Function: irrigation area is significantly larger

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