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E3 2013 - Mad Catz unveils its own Android console MOJO

The Android console Ouya applies with $ 8.5 million as one of the largest Kickstarter success in the gaming industry. The great interest in an open source device to the manufacturer Mad Catz also seems not to be missed, who has now presented his project MOJO.

The system as Ouya is based on the Android operating system. But unlike the competition games must not be developed for the console, because MOJO provides access to existing digital business models such as the Google Play Goals and the Amazon Appstore. Users can thus already log in with an account and have a huge selection of over 1000 titles.

Project Mojo
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The console will probably come with the house CTRL-controller, which has completely dual analog sticks, triggers and D-pad. Is a game designed for touch controls, Mad Catzs Games Mart mouse is used.

The internal memory is 16 GB, a reasonable amount for android games. Is it still tight, the memory can be expanded through the microSD output. In addition, the system has Bluetooth 4.0, two USB inputs for cable controller, HDMI, Wi-fi and a headphone output features.

Mad Catz has not provided a detailed system specifications, but the company was interested in Nvidia's Tegra processor. This would not only provide a technical advantage over the Ouya but enable the console by Nvidia Shield technology to stream HD games via local Wi-fi MOJO.

In the following months, the manufacturer will tell more about MOJO.

Mad Catz Project M.O.J.O. Android Console Revealed

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