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Resident Evil Revelations - Tips and Tricks

For over a year we had to wait as a fan until Resident Evil Revelations has finally made the Nintendo 3DS on the PC and a variety of consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U). As usual, you take on the role of different characters as players and explores them dark corridors, done countless zombies and giant mutant and solve hidden puzzles to uncover a deep conspiracy.

Of course, we can not be with you all these deadly dangers alone in the dark. With our solution you will always find the right way through the zombie-infested corridors. In addition, explain how you where to find the weapons and where there is the matching ammunition. In addition, you learn how you solve the puzzle on your ways where you can discover hidden handprints and how do you decide the brutal boss fights for you.

So that you will not suffer shipwreck in the numerous skirmishes, of course we have tips and tricks to upgrade their weapons and options prepared. Will also explain the risks and vulnerabilities of different zombies and mutants.

Resident Evil Revelations - Tips and Tricks

Resident Evil Revelations - Tips and Tricks

Resident Evil Revelations - Tips and Tricks


From a few episode parts aside, always has your character on a basic equipment consisting of a knife for close combat, a few herbs, a primary weapon (pistol and / or rifle) and partly a secondary weapon (grenades of various types). This increased to their equipment with a variety of weapons models found in the course of the game.

Resident Evil Revelations

Melee Weapon & unarmed combat

If you do not just deny a mission was disarmed in your character, each character runs around with his own melee weapon. Jill used as a standard combat knife, while Parker would rather reach for an ax. The melee weapons can not be changed or improved by you and offer no possibility for different attack styles. They are generally used only as a last resort when you run out of ammo.

Unarmed close combat attacks with fists or feet can you usually only run when the opponent gets to stumble in front of you. This means that you must have weakened the enemy before with balls. In the weakened state of the enemy then stumbles for a few seconds on the spot. You go to him at this time and suppresses the interaction button leads your character from a melee attack. The move, which you get to see depends on the character and the type of enemy.

In the melee attacks, you should know that you can boost the strength of the attack, do you think by the interaction button. However, note this: Pressing her too long, while your opponent recovers and the attack is for the birds. Worse, it is directly at the enemy, then an equal wipes you.

Primary weapons

Firearms of all kinds are the primary armament. A distinction is made in pistols, revolvers, shotguns, machine guns and sniper rifles. Of each of these weapons there are different models, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. Packages can be said that the more firepower has a weapon, the less ammunition fits into the magazine / lower the rate of fire / reload speed is higher and vice versa. These disadvantages can be compensated by their weapons upgrades (see weapons upgrades). A special case when the primary weapon is the rocket launcher, which you will receive vereinzeltet on missions. You only have one shot, and can not be upgraded, but provide a huge bang.

Resident Evil Revelations

Up to a maximum of three primary weapons you can carry with you at the same time on your missions. What you carry around with you, depends on your preferences and of course available from the ammunition from. You should always carry a gun with you, because you simply will most ammunition for them. A gun and a shotgun or a shotgun and a sniper rifle round off the range for all situations.

If you go find a weapon and cancels your currently active weapon is placed on the ground, provided that all three weapon slots are already occupied. Do not panic, the gun is not the way, even if you let them back there. In the next box weapons you have access to your full range weapons. There are also all the weapons you have ever found land but can not help you.

Secondary weapons

Hand, shock and pulse grenades and BOW-traps can be found in the secondary weapons. They are - as the primary weapons and their ammunition - scattered and often well hidden in the episodes scattered around. Up to five units of each model you can carry with you, and of course each has their specialty Garantenart: The grenades explode easily and cause damage. The stun grenades knock the enemy off his feet, so you have time, run past them, while the pulse grenades blind the enemy and only function as well as under water. BOW-traps deflect the mutants of you and detonate as soon as you approach a BOW.

Green Weapon Crates

In almost every episode you encounter one or more green weapons boxes. Your position will be displayed to you even on the map, if you time should a search. The weapons crates, you have the option of viewing your entire weapons inventory. You can exchange your three primary weapons against other models and / or upgrade it with the found Customization Gear kits.

Customization Gear Kits

On your missions you will always find well-hidden upgrade parts for your weapons - the customization Gear kits. Of the kits there are two different models: the normal "Customization Gear kit (special accessory)" and the "Gear Customization Kit (illegal accessory)". Both are usually well hidden or heavily guarded and always keep a weapon upgrade in store for you. Where you find them, you can read in the individual episode descriptions. The big difference between them is that the illegal accessory is something more valuable than the special accessories.

Weapon Upgrades

Do you have a Gear Customization Kit to get hold of your mission, you must order one of the green weapons boxes. Once there, you will be credited with the kit and you learn what you have found for a part of it and what it brings you. There are numerous upgrade parts that factors such as magazine size, rate of fire, reload speed, firepower, scattering influence, etc.. Other parts in turn alter the properties of weapons. How can you as volley shots or charged shots fire or ensure that your balls stun the enemy, stop, critical hit, etc. There are also different levels of levels of each part. "Critical 2", for example, increases your critical strike chance by 20%, "5 Critical", however, by 50%.

Resident Evil Revelations Weapon

Do you choose at a weapons crate a weapon to upgrade from, you can over the two lists left and right parts of the existing install. The list on the right shows you what upgrades are available to you. Additionally, there is a description of what causes the upgrade in detail, and to which they can attach their weapon. Not always part of an upgrade to all types of weapons is possible. Less variation is for example possible only with shotguns and therefore useful only for those same.

The left list shows the possible upgrade slots of your chosen weapon, and if so, what upgrades have already installed it. How many upgrades you can install depends on the weapon. Three to six extensions are there. Do you want to install an upgrade to your weapon, it selects from the right list and blames it on a free slot in the left list. You can also share a better version of the same upgrades to an existing worse. The upgrade then exchanged lands in the right list.

Zombies and BOW's mutants

Easy / normal / standard zombies, sting zombies ranged attack Zombies, Explosive Zombies, zombies next to the head and Boater hands (Skagdead), visible and invisible Hunter with a huge mouth, mutant wolves, experimentally altered sharks (Scarmiglione), floating mutants and goldfish, giant parasites ( Malacoda), etc. - the list of opponents is endless. And to be honest, basically they're somehow all the same - even if they look different.

This rough statement can at least meet the target selection. Apart from a few unique enemies, they have in fact all the same weaknesses - mouth, head, legs, or light unarmored flesh. Although these sites are usually harder to hit, but suffer greater damage it. Of course, exceptions prove the rule. What to do in such cases, you learn more in detail in the individual episode descriptions.

Resident Evil Revelations Mutant

Resident Evil Revelations Zombie

Resident Evil Revelations Zombie

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