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Resident Evil Revelations Quick Review

What makes the Resident Evil series? This question can even developers Capcom currently do not answer. Resident Evil 6 was the high expectations not meet despite action focus and catchy shooter mechanics. The survival horror earlier parts has long been shelved. What action should the series to not waste away sometime yourself as an undead zombie? The answer probably has already given Capcom with Resident Evil Revelations.

Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations

Originally released for Nintendo's 3DS, makes Resident Evil Revelations   now the stationary consoles uncertain. Once again, the world is facing the decline. Veltro the terrorist group threatens to contaminate the oceans with the T-Abyss virus. In the role of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, you have to avert the impending doom and leave to get their just punishment of the criminal organization.

Resident Evil Revelations

Since it is a direct translation, the original connoisseurs already know what to expect. While the story is divided into episodes you'll switch between different characters and locales. The bulk of the playing time you spend while on the former cruise liner SS Queen Zenobia, trips to the Arctic or the floating city Terrgrigia but are also on the itinerary. Its great strengths of Resident Evil Revelations , if you are traveling on the abandoned ship.

Resident Evil Revelations

Ammunition shortage is just beginning your worst enemy. With the fear in the neck and a pistol equipped only with the narrow passages along the Queen Zenobia sure brings back memories of past series offshoot. This voltage is, however, often nullified by Plink desert locations. In particular, the episodes in which it does not take into the field with Jill Valentine, degenerate into a pure shooting gallery visit. The tension gives way to a never-ending hail of bullets of your weapons.

Resident Evil Revelations - Console Launch Trailer

Nothing has changed

Content has, apart from new playable characters in Raubzugmodus and additional, unlockable costumes, hardly anything changed. Visually, the title has been adjusted accordingly. The resolution is higher and the textures are sharper than on the 3DS. Nonetheless, Resident Evil Revelations not deny its origins. Facial expression, richness of detail and soundscape not reach the level of the fifth and sixth part of the series. If one bears in mind that the title has its origin on the handheld, but this is nagging at a high level. The console versions have four-new unlockable achievements.

Feature of the Wii U version is the integration of GamePads. Imperative of the controller is the integrated touch screen is not. The extra screen is used to display the map and makes the game a little more enjoyable experience thus because fewer displays of atmospheric benefit. Alternatively, you can also complete the title play on the GamePad. Apart from occasional puzzle variation in which you rearrange circuits, but the possibilities of the controller remain unused. The PS3 version has to deal with longer load times, whereas the X360 version gets into jerking when you enter a new room.

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