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New GTA 5 Updates Are Now Available

The GTA 5 Updates include new changes, tweaks, features, and more as well as a series of Christmas-themed items for example gingerbread men masks and sweaters for Grand Theft Auto Online. The update is released on December 18 and is a big one. It covers all platforms including the Xbox One, the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation 4. One of the new features introduced in the update is that players may now possess a third property, meaning players can have up to 9 bicycles and 30 cars at any point in time. Improvements to GTA Online include tweaks on fixes for map exploits, matchmaking speeds, and tons more.

New GTA 5 Updates Vehicles Vapid Slamvan

GTA 5 Updates: New Vehicles

Southern San Andreas Super Autos now has 4 new vehicles including Dewbauchee Massacro, Vapid Slamvan, Bravado Rat-Truck, and Dinka Jester. After having GTA 5 Updates, you can obtain them in Story Mode from the Special Vehicle List when in a player-owned garage for PS3 or Xbox 360. Or, they can be purchased online from San Andreas Super Autos for PS4 or Xbox One.

New Features 

The update adds Deadzone and Acceleration sliders to control Settings. Players are allowed to have potential ownership of up to 9 bicycles and 30 cars since now players are able to own a third property thanks to the new GTA 5 Updates. Settings now are added the First Person Mode Auto Level Camera on/off.

New GTA 5 Updates Homing Launcher

GTA 5 Updates: New Weapons

The updates add 2 new weapons to Ammu-Nation in GTA Online including Homing Launcher and Proximity Mine. These weapons are obtainable in Story Mode after you install the GTA 5 Updates. Weapons with a full clip of ammo are set down straight to the character’s weapon wheel for PS3 or Xbox 360. While in PS4 or Xbox One, after passing certain missions in Story Mode, these weapons will be available for purchase from Ammu-Nation.

New Content

There are 3 new settings added in the game including First Person Aim / Look that reduces right stick deadzone. The game is allowed to register player input sooner and in turn make aiming more responsive due to a lower deadzone giving players a greater precision. The player is faster to look around with the higher setting. When in First Person Aim, the GTA 5 Updates provide controls so the player reaches maximum turn speed. It takes longer time for the player’s turn speed to reach maximum with the lower setting. The player can complete control over where they’re looking at all times in First Person Auto Level Camera on/off setting. Turn the option on so the player can see in front of them when looking down and moving forward to pan up the camera. Turn the option off will make the player remain looking at the ground when moving forward.

New GTA 5 Updates Firework Launcher


Players will be gifted a Firework Launcher with 5 rounds who log in on either the 1st January or the 24th or 31st December. Players will get the launcher permanently into inventory. If players already own the launcher logging in on each of the above days, they will receive 5 rounds. The Christmas Day Gift is only available from the Christmas Day Gift and cannot be purchased. It will be only available to players who log in to play GTA Online on 25th after they install GTA 5 Updates.

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