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Street Fighter 5: First Match Shows New Gameplay Mechanics

In the video below you can see how Capcom unsubscribe Peter Rosas (Chun-Li) and tournament player Mike Ross (Ryu) two matches.

Street Fighter 5

The video shows new gameplay mechanics. Chun-Li begins about three beams at the EX-display, Ryu only two. Both can use this to unlock additional moves for a short time EX.

In the meanwhile, played Arena you can throw his opponent by a wall in a restaurant or if - the next round then begins where the previous one ended. In a match can also be seen as Chun-Li is thrown against a wall, and then a bowl of noodles falls on her head. In the next round she still wears this dish then on her head.

Furthermore, there is the well-known Revenge display, with the apparently let the run from Ultra Street Fighter 4 familiar combo attacks.

Street Fighter V Capcom Cup Stage Demo

In the following video you can see another match analysis of fighting game expert Joe Ciaramelli, which can all certainly better analyze and describe than I ever could.

Street Fighter V Match Analysis

Also, Capcom has released an enhanced version of the announcement video of Street Fighter 5, which suggests the return of Charlie.

Street Fighter V Gameplay Video Capcom Cup Extended Cut

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