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Far Cry 4: Latest Update Solves All Problems

A further patch to the open-world titles Far Cry 4 fixes various small bugs in the game. Many users report continues on juddering and game crashes that tarnish the game fun and waiting for a reaction on the part of developers and Publisher Ubisoft.

Far Cry 4 Latest Update

While Ubisoft already on the fourth update to the action adventure stealth game Assassin's works creed unity, get PC gamers bought an additional patch to the open-world titles Far Cry 4. This lifts the title to 1.5.0 version number and includes fixes for the documents of keyboard functions and the keyboard acceleration.

Overall, the new update 1.3 gigabytes in size comes along and eliminates out in addition to the above mentioned problems of control, graphics and UI issues. Also a 21:9 aspect ratio support and Russian texts and subtitles added.

While many small bugs and issues have been addressed by patch 1.5.0, the gameplay of many players but also by various juddering, game crashes or a black screen with the uploading of Far Cry 4 seems clouded. Many users of the Neogaf Forum report this.

Below these lines you'll find the English patch notes patch 1.5.0.

The patch notes at a glance:
  • Added 21:9 aspect ratio support 
  • Added Russian text and subtitles to worldwide game version 
  • Fixed on issue with aim assist 
  • Fixed issue with grappling if aim buttons what remapped on another key 
  • Fixed issue with mouse input 
  • Fixed at issue with movement key binding on mouse buttons 
  • Fixed at issue with uPlay invites in steam version 
  • Fixed various issues controls 
  • Fixed various issues graphic 
  • Fixed various issues IGE 
  • Fixed various issues session browser 
  • Fixed various UI issues 
  • NVIDIA graphics preset what removed 
  • Reduced performance during streaming drop impact

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