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PC Games Releases in September 2013 - Total War Rome 2, Arma 3, FIFA 14 and more

In September 2013, again some top titles before posting and as always we take in our video preview month a look at the upcoming games for PC. Strategists take into Total War: Rome 2 with or against the Roman Empire in the battle, while action-oriented contemporaries Arma 3 fight around an island. And of course, all football fans look forward to a new round of the eternal struggle between PES 2014 and FIFA 14.


The games fall with numerous highlights is coming up in September 2013 and already it starts. Even if PC players can not on the all-illuminating highlight of this month, GTA 5, look, there are also some new computers for the domestic top titles that come on the market in the coming months. It starts as early as 3 September Total War: Rome 2 can fight again, with the strategy fans for supremacy in the Mediterranean region. A little more modern is the way of Arma 3, that on 12 September finally appears and wants to attract fans of realistic war simulations under its spell. Towards the end of the month it will be sporty. The new versions of the popular football simulation again vying for the favor of the fans.

PES 2014

Total War Rome II


The beginning makes 19 September PES 2014 by Konami, which was first developed with the FOX engine and therefore should offer some innovations. A week later, then attacks with the new EA Sports FIFA 14 in the race, with the PC version for now to forego the new Ignite engine. With a month delay from the console appears at 27 September Lost Planet 3 now available for the PC and takes you into an icy adventure. Who can better take it easy, will be decided on the same day for Rise of Venice and swings with skilful trading on the new Doge of Venice. Other highlights you see as always in our preview video at the end of this release.

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