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Madden 25: New game mode and engine update for the 25th Birthday

Known in ancient times as John Madden Football, Madden 25 is now an integral part of the EA Sports series. The title to the anniversary celebration were provided with a 25, the engine cleaned up and a new mode to the game. Also there's the matter of the curse ...

Madden 25

In the so-called owner-mode, the player can completely take over their team this year. Announcements and executing the moves right up to managing all aspects of the business, players can configure their team in any detail. Even drinks and snack prices are adjusted. For fans of micromanagement, therefore, provides a nice extension of the well known game concept.

Otherwise, Madden 25 is a new version of the Infinity Engine ( No, not from Baldur's Gate ) feature, which has been improved, especially in terms of game physics. With the Force-impact system realistic results are provided when two players collide. Thus, for example, less strong in the tackle Footballer trouble staying on his feet. The feature already existed in the past year, according to EA, however, was improved for Infinity second.

Like every year, 2013 may also be speculated about the curse that capacity since 1999 on players whose likeness graced the Madden cover. Equal to fourteen of the former stars of the Madden box after the release of the game had a bad season, or had to deal with serious injuries. Calvin Johnson, cover athlete of last year, was one of the few successful title character so far. He broke in 2012 with 1,964 yards of space thanks passes caught the record of Jerry Rice. For this, his team Detroit Lions missed the playoffs. Perhaps the curse refers in the new millennium to whole team instead of just a single player? For the anniversary version of the fans football legend Barry Sanders selected on the cover . Until the beginning a professional career does not re likely to be all right this time.

Madden 25 is available today for Playstation 3, XBOX 360 and the App Store. The game is also one of the announced launch titles for the Xbox One . A PC version is as in recent years not in prospect.

Official Madden 25 Release Trailer

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