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Humble Bundle with "Paradox Interactive" offer

The recently ended offer beat all previous records Humble Bundle Origin How the initiators announced on Twitter about 2.1 million bundles were sold. Thus, more than 10.5 million U.S. dollars will be taken for charitable purposes and to cover the server costs.

Humble Bundle Weekly Sale Paradox Interactive

The new "Weekly" offer now includes eight tracks from the house of "Paradox Interactive". According to the "Pay What You Want" principle buyers get from a contribution of at least one U.S. dollars Steam key for a cross-genre selection from the portfolio of the Swedish Publishers. Strategy player can get away with "Europa Universalis III", "Warlock: Master of the Arcane" "Warships Leviathan" and let off steam. More action, however, promises to "War of the Roses: Kingmaker", a 15th Century located somewhere multiplayer game in which the player battles may nachkämpfen between two warring noble houses. "The Showdown Effect" combines 2D platforming elements with lead-heavy multiplayer firefights. Also playable is the cooperative multiplayer hack-and-slash "dungeon Country," in which a player can assume the role of "Dungeon Maestro" to his teammates rushing monster on the neck.

From an amount of currently 5.80 U.S. dollars or the co-op multiplayer game "Magicka" and the historical strategy game is also "Crusader Kings II" unlocked. The latter is the only game from the bundle on a Linux version, however, there are five of the eight titles Mac versions for download. From an amount of $ 125 especially generous buyers can get access to a total of 48 titles and 20 publishers corresponding soundtracks.

Humble Weekly Sale: Paradox Interactive

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