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Diablo 3 Tips: The County Mood Bach - The Cow Level of Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Tips; "There is no cow level" - this statement during the loading screen, the players of the PC version of Diablo 3 can only smile, because in the secret level of Diablo 3 are not the eponymous cows from your previous opponents. Surrounded by rainbows and gold pots instead wait bloodthirsty unicorns, teddy bears and flowers on it, and compete with you. The wonderfully colorful world of spirits County creek is a welcome relief in an otherwise grim gameplay of Diablo 3 and can also be visited in the console version. In the following guide you will find all the necessary information for access to the secret level.

diablo 3 wallpaper demon hunter

Diablo 3 Tips - First Part

First to know about Diablo 3 Tips; To get to the county you need to create the pastoral staff. However, this little time and effort is required for each item and the recipe have to be found not a hundred percent chance in the first play-through. If you had no luck, you can simply restart the game but at each point and try again. The only requirement is an advance to the fourth act in normal mode.

Because the plan for the bar is owned by the fallen angels Izual that in "The large spread" in Act 4 as an intermediate boss is waiting for you. After the victory is with a little luck, the legendary "Plan: shepherd's crook" among the legacies. The first component to create is, however, very early in the game available. The "Black Mushroom" can get lucky on the first level you in the famous cathedral of Old Tristram found in a square room. If the room is not created in your game, the game invites new and visited the cathedral again.

diablo 3 wallpaper demon hunter

Diablo 3 Tips - Second Part

The second part of Diablo 3 Tips is the easiest to characteristics of the object, because the "host bell" can with money to buy a small investment in the emerging merchant girl "crumbs" in the hidden storage in Act 2. In addition, you must still bring the best well hidden part of the rod in your possession: the "gibberish gem". Unfortunately, however, it must be true right two different factors. Firstly, it must on the "field of carnage" in Act 3 of the Dungeon "The Caves of Frost" have arisen, then with luck It also reflects on the second level of the caves in the elite opponents "Chiltara" which drops the desired gemstone. About the waypoint "The Bridge of Korsikk" but when you get the necessary tests directly on the field, which at least shortens the path.

Do you have finally collected all the pieces, you just have the smith of your trust redeem the plan and can create the crook using the collected items and a small fee. Once it is in your inventory, you can talk to the "spirit of Kuhk√∂nigs" in Act first This is found in the first area of ​​Tristram, slaying on the way in which her "hideous mums". Is the very amusing dialogue is finished, the "mood county Bach" opens for you.

diablo 3 wallpaper demon hunter

Diablo 3 Tips - The Secret Level

Will you also go to the secret level on the following levels of difficulty, you must upgrade the rod. This is possible by Acquire her plan for the appropriate upgrade. That is sold to Izuals death in level of difficulty at the merchant next to the healer in the citadel of the bastion. The remaining components do not again have to collect, however. After using the plan and a small mite improves your smith the bar on the next level up to the "Infernal crook", where he remains always backward compatible. That's all about second part of Diablo 3 Tips.

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