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Xbox One Prices for Accessories and Controller Revealed

As of now, Microsoft provides the official U.S. store next to the console and the accessories for Xbox One ready. For an additional controller players have to shell out 59.99 U.S. dollars, the headset for next-gen console will cost 24.99 dollars. There is also the possibility of buying the controller with a Play and Charge Kit Bundle for 74.99 in U.S. dollars, which is also to have individually for 24.99 U.S. dollars. The battery can be charged while playing both as outside via a USB cable.

Xbox One Price

For the European region, Xbox One prices for accessories and controlle are yet to be determined, it can be considered from 59.99 euros for the controller. The other prices are likely to be transferred one to one euro.

Xbox One Price US

Xbox One: A fundamental transformation of the Xbox brand

Microsoft's agent for the purpose of global entertainment network are not only well-known services such as Xbox Live, Xbox Music, Xbox TV, or already fully designed for multi-platform integration Xbox Smart Glass - ahead of an era in which Microsoft is the Xbox brand in every possible form of media is pouring. About an Xbox Surface Tablet - a kind of mini-Xbox for the mobile market - has been speculated. Microsoft will really get going with the multi-platform concept but probably not until after the official announcement of the Xbox One.

Xbox One Price and Release Date

What does Microsoft's new strategy but for us gamers? First the bad news. The Xbox is a clear one more to bring casual games. So far, this market was mainly reserved for the Kinect playground. That will change in the long term. Already, Microsoft raised new development studio from baptism , which are increasingly producing casual and mobile games for the Xbox brand in the future. So one expects in Redmond fixed with a greatly expanded audience beyond the hardcore gamers. Response you want this new target group via Xbox apps on the tablet and the smartphone. The long-term goal, however, these users also move to buy an Xbox One, which will then act as a built-in entertainment center and offers numerous services that have nothing to do with gaming. In other words: The Xbox is one in the future to address all who play.

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