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Splinter Cell: The Sam who can not crawl - Part 2

Along with the establishment of the President of the Fourth Echelon team also donated a private plane. The mighty paladin. It is - like the SSV Normandy from Mass Effect 3 - the mobile headquarters and in addition fully accessible.

Splinter Cell Blacklist

Her a little stroll through the aisles with Sam, it is about a helicopter in the hangar or you can even make calls with his daughter Sarah. She is responsible for the emotional moments in the game and reported live from the attacks of Engineers.

On board you will find your team members with whom you can also chat. They give you brief status reports on past missions, also the co-op tasks can be selected from them. Even more exciting are the various purchase and weapon options that you also select from the menus.

The Paladin is therefore a vital part of the game and replaces boring text menus. Because even the next job you selected directly from an interactive map in the center of the ship.

Almost like James Bond

Sam Fisher starts his mission only with its standard equipment. A gun, the camouflage with green lights, and of course his night vision device. With each mission you earn money but added, whereby ye yourselves to buy new extras.

Charlie Cole is the Techniknarr and arms dealers in the game. When he gets to her new guns, shotguns and sniper rifles. All shooters are also supplied with additional upgraded their rifle scopes, improved handles, laser visors or extended magazines.

Splinter Cell Gameplay

Look at her other hand over Anna Grimdottir, you equip the Paladin on itself. This brings you nice tool and extras. Improved their example, the cockpit, you will receive a mini-radar in the lower left Bildschirmeck. So you see always when rogue rumtreiben near you.

Invested their hand in the infirmary, Sam recovers faster in combat, if a ball hits him. Altogether there are twenty extensions for the Paladin, so you dürftet here some carbon sink.

Hard and soft

Splinter Cell - Blacklist leaves you the choice as regards their missions. Whether as an action game with loud Geballere or at least as many tricks Schleicher. In principle, however, is the better alternative to the silent approach.

It is precisely at the beginning of Sam Fisher is still bad weak chest and goes after a few hits in the knee. Despite its age, the elderly now special agent, however nimbly as ten years ago. He climbs up easily on pipes, lurches on projections along and pulls his defenseless opponent over fences.

The cover mechanics work perfectly. The crosshairs their quick changes between obstacles and remains undetected. Real joy do about the helpers. So for example you control a flying drone through the levels and missed your adversaries electric shocks. Or luring them with knock-grenades or the popular "Sticky Camera" into a trap.

Splinter Cell - Blacklist rewarded soft approach and the screening of the areas. Because here you will find always PC or USB sticks. Bagged her a this, you get a hefty raise. Furthermore, we repeatedly target people who should catch her alive to receive the bounty. So if you turn off your brain and just flips every opponent, it makes it in the long run, too heavy.

Splinter Cell Review

Travel around the world

The first half of the story kidnapped you on a journey around the globe. Your completed contracts in Iraq, and Benghazi in the United States. Really exciting if the engineers want to commit their first attack and poison the water supply of Dallas.

Your task: Stop the pumps within a ten minute time limit. The hustle and bustle begins. And the terrorists take heavy artillery. So there are drones specialists who hide in corners and direct from there remote controlled cars. Come this close to you, they explode and tear Sam nirvana.

To said pump the nasty boys have even posted heavy infantry. These chunks withstand even normal frag grenades need to be done only by an attack from behind with two or targeted head shots. With the first you ballert them then the helmet from his head, the second turns it off her.

Slowly the story of Splinter Cell - starts blacklist, so great is the diversity of different scenarios with good sized areas and many freedoms. So it's not a classic action game, as it was the predecessor, but also supports and promotes targeted action alike.

Splinter Cell Screenshots

Strengths in online mode

The hidden strength of Splinter Cell - but its blacklist are various online features. Spies vs. The article has become a classic. Mercs can be found here. , where you will join with spies and mercenaries fighting against each other and from the tracker and the first-person perspective with up to four-on-four players each.

Also in this round of the game mode is great fun and offers great moments such as air attacks the spies or mercenaries gun attacks. Each class has three standard equipment, as well as three optional add-on sets that assembles itself. Areas such as armor, speed and stealth are indicators of the direction in which your profile is being developed.

Also get the heroes of the story, so Grim, Briggs and Charlie, three additional co-op missions donated. The developers adapt the gameplay to the respective characters. Chooses her as the Grim missions from their controls while Briggs and Sam Fisher, the opponents may not, however, you discover. Therefore, soft and careful sampling procedure is required. It does not work here as a team, success is almost impossible.

In the Briggs-orders, however you decide for yourself how you going. They are based on a small story in which the specialists have to secure nuclear warheads. As in the single player mode you also get money online or in split screen after each mission, which you in turn invested in additional equipment.

Facts about Splinter Cell Blacklist

  • pseudo-critical history with terrorists and special forces
  • 4 difficulty levels - Rookie, Normal, Realistic and Perfectionist
  • sneaking is again more central
  • Campaign leads you around the globe
  • complex but very handy control
  • Enemies back to you with drones or heavy armor sniper rifles to body
  • many aids such as the "Tri-Rotor UAV" or "Sticky Camera"
  • in retail and online game rewards Blacklist three styles of play: Ghost Panther Assault
  • extensive multiplayer modes such as co-op options or Spies vs.. Mercs
  • maximum of 4 against 4 players
  • each of 3 classes for the parties of spies and mercenaries
  • the creation of separate classes and equipment packages is possible
  • expected to appear on 22 August 2013 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U

Splinter Cell Blacklist Conclusion

The entry into Splinter Cell - Blacklist was extremely difficult for me. First hit me the game a cheesy story about the ears. Then I will suddenly creep back, and at first only the basic equipment. Therefore, it takes time until I felt like a special agent and my adversary befördere shapely afterlife.

But then makes Splinter Cell - Blacklist mood. I combine my little helpers together, outsmart the guards and angry, times when a plan goes wrong. Blacklist plays fast but offers more depth than its predecessor. The areas are slightly larger, sometimes wild climbing permit actions. I also like the many extras that I can underline my style of play.

Away from the campaign was particularly the multiplayer mode with its co-op and versus options absolutely in itself. Splinter Cell - Blacklist may not be as emotionally touching as some other game of this year. But for hobby Schleicher and friends of online duels it would all be interesting.

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