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Saints Row 4: New Developer Video Published

About Saints Row 4 is now available the second developer video titled "What Happens in Space ..." ready, which was released by publisher Deep Silver. The makers of the upcoming action game includes among other things a closer look at the threat that awaits the White House.

Saints Row 4 Gameplay

Saints Row 4 Trailer

Saints Row 4

Publisher Deep Silver has published the now second developer video for Saints Row 4, which is entitled "What Happens in Space ..." bears and what we want to deprive you of course not. So we paid the moving image material further insight into the upcoming open-world adventure, leaving the artist to speak. This talk among others about the threat that awaits the White House in Saints Row fourth See you can watch the new developer video about Saints Row 4 below this message.

Saints Row IV Official Video - This Is What Happens in Space...

Saints Row 4 is finally on 23 August 2013 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC come on the market. Here, the upcoming action-adventure is definitely regarded as the end of a saga and the famous Saints. So the developers want with a possible Saints Row 5 shows a completely different direction to take.

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