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PS4: PS Vita as a controller usable only provided matches

Anyone wishing to use the PS4 PlayStation Vita as an additional controller should inquire beforehand. For as Sony president Shuhei Yoshida revealed the feature is not only specially designed video games available. The decision lies with the manufacturer. Only streaming and playing PlayStation 4 titles is unrestricted on the PS Vita.

Playstation 4

On the PS4 by Sony as a second controller you can use your existing theoretically PS Vita. Such as Sony president Shuhei Yoshida told at the request of fans via Twitter, but this is basically not the case at all video games. The PlayStation 4 title must be programmed to allow this feature. This decision is taken at the end of the manufacturer and not Sony. However, without restriction is the so-called remote play. Thus, once acquired can be played PS4 games on your PlayStation Vita.

PS Vita

Incidentally, the DualShock 3 controller of the current PlayStation 3 is not compatible with the PS4. Sony has confirmed several times. For the launch of the next-gen console there will be bundles with different games to make you buying tasty. In the U.S., the PlayStation optional with the titles Battlefield 4, Killzone 4: Shadow case, Knack and watchdogs available. Whether the whole thing come on the market in this country, is not yet clear. Recently a German PS4 bundle with the Racing Club Drive was spotted.


The demand for the PS4 remains unbroken. Several mail order companies have reported that their Vorbestellerkontingente be exhausted. Those who pre-ordered now, the next-gen console for the affected stores, the PlayStation 4 will not be available directly to the publication date. Expected for Christmas 2013, the PS4 arrive at a price of 399 euros in the trade.

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