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Pikmin 3: Nintendo 3DS version of the test is not convincing

As a prototype, Pikmin 3 was also tested on the Nintendo 3DS. How Nintendo mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto revealed recently, was not able to convince the 3DS version of Pikmin 3 in pre-tests. Accordingly, the control by stylus for a possible Pikmin 3 version for the Nintendo 3DS not enough.

Pikmin 3

Nintendo also known Pikmin 3 on the Nintendo 3DS. This Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto revealed in a recent interview. The Nintendo 3DS prototype, however, was able to convince in a preliminary test. "We have Pikmin on the 3DS and Nintendo DS getesten, however, are come to the conclusion that the game can not be controlled solely by stylus. Did not feel like Pikmin on." Said Miyamoto in an interview with 4Gamer. Accordingly, the need Pikmin 3 control other elements to be the minimum action portion of the game justice.

Pikmin 3 WiiU

Pikmin 3 Release Date

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"We came to the conclusion that the action content in Pikmin is larger than the strategy part. Share The Strategy forms the apex of the whole. Overall, both components must function through the control, because that makes a substantial part of the Pikmin from experience. "said Pikmin 3 Miyamoto in an interview on.

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