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Nintendo 2DS: New handheld for 12 October Announced

Nintendo has announced the Nintendo 2DS a new handheld. The new member of the family appears 3DS on 12 October and plays both Nintendo DS and 3DS games - but in 2D. The Nintendo 2DS has, according to Nintendo over most of the functions of the Nintendo 3DS. What do you expect when 2DS, learn it in the debut trailer.

Nintendo 2DS

The Nintendo 2DS comes. As Nintendo has announced appears with the 2DS 12 October, a new member of the Nintendo 3DS handheld family. On the Nintendo 2DS can play both DS and Nintendo 3DS games. The difference to the Nintendo 3DS: The games will be on the 2DS not three-dimensional, but 2D playing. According to the Nintendo 2DS mastered all the essential features of the Nintendo 3DS.

These include the various control options, the backward compatibility for Nintendo DS and known features such as StreetPass, SpotPass and access to the Nintendo eShop. The mobile console appears in a new design where both screens are arranged one above the other. Folding can not be the Nintendo 2DS. The new gaming device is designed as an entry-level model. At its market launch on 12 October, the Nintendo 2DS is available in the colors white and red and black and blue in the trade.

A Nintendo 2DS bag in red or blue can be purchased separately. At what price will the Nintendo 2DS available in Germany, Nintendo did not mention before. In the U.S., the handheld will have to have at launch for $ 130 (about 100 euros). Whether the price for Nintendo local climes 1:1 converts remains to be seen. With further news, videos and screenshots we keep you in the future on our topic page for Nintendo 2DS to date.

Nintendo 2DS - Introduction

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