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Halo Spartan Assault Review - Intense Halo feeling lousy control

Halo Spartan Assault Review: A war of star systems can not be led by a man alone - and not on a single hardware world. We tested the German version of the surface-mount and tell you the pros and cons of the first Halo console without any binding.

Halo Spartan Assault

Halo Spartan Assault Review: A halo without any console connection - it was absolutely not in the twelve years long history of the shooter series! Of course it is at Spartan Assault is a spin-off, which, located in time between Halo 3 and Halo 4, the battlefields Master Chief moves away from the protagonist in the storyline focus. Nevertheless, Microsoft has left no stone unturned in collaboration with 343 Industries and Vanguard Games nothing to bring to the noble graphic sophisticated aesthetics and the extensive backstory of the interstellar war between humans and the Alliance of aliens onto tablet (t). And really - can you measure the isometric bird's eye view from the outside, is actually a real Halo is feeling!

Two thumb on the trigger

Halo Spartan Assault brings 25 missions - of course in tablet-compatible size appetizers, most of the orders take five minutes, are linear like an assault rifle and dressed up with easily digestible objectives. The inserts 1 to 15 play in practice of self, the missions 16 to 20 fall somewhat challenging, so something like a noticeable difficulty discovered Spartan Assault but only in five of his last mission packages. Before ye but the handiest of all previous Halo versions is, you should visit the tutorial - the taxes on the two virtual touchscreen sticks but requires some practice. After all, run and shoot our soldiers after a few workouts but then also quickly and accurately.

Shooter makes like Tax frustration

That will make you want other hand, only with a touchscreen thumb dance under control retained vehicle stages, you had for this Halo-Partenkirchen an Xbox controller in your hand - the Surface tablet is not suitable long so good for an annoyed litter in the next corner or introduce yourself to attempt a much juicier than Microsoft account from wired plastic flail. Just such a tool one wishes then to hit things once again on the vexed issue of micro-transactions! Yes, the new colleagues of the Master Chief can not avoid paying booster packs, which, although not particularly surprising at a price of just under six euros, but is still annoying.

Halo Spartan Assault Review: After all, it create Microsoft Spartans in keeping the need of their paid additional military equipment as discreet and unobtrusive, that the software is not considered as a player unworthy and throws over the cliffs - unlike half of all grenades you into Spartan Assault an enemy tries to throw. No other details of the touch-screen control has annoyed us so as to catapult the repeated attempts explosives from our backpack on the attacking aliens. Nearly 50 percent of our explosive, incendiary grenades landed and adhesive, unreliable automatic target help Thank in botany instead of on the face of the extraterrestrial exterminators. That Halo Spartan Assault with each of its five chapters turns off much more dangerous enemies, which make the use of explosives and more necessary, not just reduced this explosive frustration factor also. Remains an entertaining sci-fi action in the very noble, familiar garb, something which unfortunately too often stands in its own way.

Halo Spartan Assault Screenshots

Halo Spartan Assault Screenshots

Halo Spartan Assault Screenshots

Halo Spartan Assault Screenshots

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