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GTA Online - No single publication without GTA 5 planned

GTA Online should definitely not be taken as a single game without GTA 5 on the market, according to Rockstar Games.

GTA Online

After it really just meant that Grand Theft Auto Online could find their way to other platforms like the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox one, sooner or later, Rockstar Games was now in another statement against announced that they definitely do not intend the online part of Grand Theft Auto 5 individually to bring to market. The multiplayer component is an integral part of the main game, it says:

"GTA Online is free included with each copy of GTA 5 And it does not need a code, an online passport nor anything else in this direction. We have not before, Grand Theft Auto online for sale individually. "

Whether that may be understood as a denial of implementation for the next two next-gen consoles now, or as an indication of a possible release of GTA 5 GTA online in conjunction with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, remains open.

GTA Online Official Gameplay Video

More details about GTA Online, which at first October will be released for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, are in our detailed preview here on to find.

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