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Final Fantasy 7 - Kickstarter campaign for live-action web series

Some fans have now launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce an unofficial live-action web series of role-playing game Final Fantasy 7 functionality. There is also seen a first video. Square Enix now threatened with legal action, however, the creators.

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Update 2 August 2013: The project could already be at the end before it has even begun. As to the Kickstarter page to read, Square Enix has the makers of the live-action website of Final Fantasy 7 threatened with legal action, these should be the Kickstarter campaign does not stop immediately. Among other things, this copyright violations play a major role. however, the project can not be so easily intimidated. Rather, they seek direct dialogue with Square Enix and try to save the day yet. However, it is questionable whether this will ultimately succeed.

Final Fantasy 7

Original message: Apparently we get soon a live-action role-playing game Final Fantasy webseries to see 7th That will at least be the case, the recently launched for this purpose should Kickstarter campaign to be successful. A group of fans want to collect in this way, a total of 400,000 dollars to realize the unofficial series can. According to current plans to develop between five and six episodes each with 15 minutes of run time. As an actor, the team could, among other things Margie Cox as Tifa and Mars Crain ("Hancock") involved as Barret Wallance. involved in the project work with more than 100 people who mostly come from the field of film production and in such films as " Harry Potter, "" The Green Lantern participated "and" Kick-Ass ". The Kickstarter campaign for the web series of Final Fantasy 7 runs until 21 August 2013. So far, only a little over $ 3000 come together.

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