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Dynasty Warriors 8: All matter, the main thing more, more, more - Part 2

Dynasty Warriors 8 Lu Bu

120h to Open End

But there are absolutely positive report, although that depends on the position and own perception, but let's pretend that it would be something good but simple. So. Feel into me and take my views as a fait accompli true: Dynasty Warriors 8 offers very long and very comprehensive game. And just the story mode has gone through a metamorphosis, the result of which one can confidently identify as "reasonable" and must.

You are only available to the officers who participated in the battle actually appropriate (* cough ** cough *) for each map. How do you choose one of two to four fighters and follow your own individual commands. Unfortunately, one should not be too much to keep this, otherwise quite fast officer A is dead, Captain B examines the size and target person C has reached the vanishing point.

So you slaughter from a huge number of enemies in a classic hack Slay-style, rushing like a madman over the map and destroy enemy officers to weaken the opponent's morale, kill their captains to take small forts and done other key figures to the replenishment the enemy to stop him and gradually fight back. Often it is sufficient if you walk directly to your target person, it einschlagt the head and battle it closes at 02:37 minutes.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Wallpaper

Still, it's nice that the mode now follows a certain order: the corresponding warrior in the matching battle and a nice unconverted sequence of events: as you play each kingdom to a certain point and then switch to one of the other nations whose courses of action to overlap with those of the competition.

Who does not want to follow the predefined rules, which still remains the free mode in which you can re-enact the battles with the figures that you are most like ... Of course the whole thing has the hooks that you have to unlock only in story mode, the corresponding maps, just as the officers. But even that is not as fun as the beginning of the game, mainly because of the fact that you can actually always doing the same.

And the battle fields are not innovative, but sometimes you fight up to four times in the same locality, against the same opponent ... But have you really enjoy it and manages to unlock the maps and characters, then increases the amount of time that you can sacrifice for this item, 120 hours of what felt like at infinity.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Trailer

Due to the huge opportunities that you Dynasty Warriors 8 offers, you have the option of each battlefield constantly rediscovering. So who has no problem that he always does the same thing basically always the same and the front of the crowd, you can look forward to endless possibilities for changing conditions.

Because in addition to the Story mode, which prescribes certain extent you, as you have to play it, and the free Mode, where you repeat the battles with characters of your choice, there are other modes to explore. The most important of them is the ambition mode, which allows you to expand your main bearings, to make contacts with other characters to unlock a huge variety of weapons and you really romp.

But caution is necessary here, the process is quite fast monotonous when you repeatedly massacred the same enemies and must always occupy the same positions. Even if your own character while constantly changes, the flow is still always coincide, which leads quickly to monotony and makes the game seem rather gray.

Dynasty Warriors 8 DLC

This is also the main problem with Dynasty Warriors 8. In the scope which reaches the game, I would be the last person would be upset about graphics and gameplay is dusty. However, despite all of the many ways the different outfits, the (very very) many pawns, the masses of weapons and bodyguards and horses ... Yet it is a constant repetition of what has already played.

And not just in front of three or four level sections, but even before three or four versions of Dynasty. What good is a more extensive story mode when he is told loveless and only repeated sequences known? What I have thousands of playable characters when they all hit the exact same battles? And why should I look to other modes if they are only slightly different, but basically one and the same pose?

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