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Dynasty Warriors 8: All matter, the main thing more, more, more - Part 1

So here we are again. We all knew that it will happen, and we all knew that we would not attend the next video game revolution. Dynasty Warriors 8 is just only what true fans of the series and / or new comers who do not know they can buy the same game again in two years,. Having a few new modes, characters and weapons.

Dynasty Warriors 8

Groundhog Day Cao Cao me

But I'm going with such a statement of the Giants Dynasty Warriors really fair? The success of the title seems to speak for themselves and there are enough players who look like Bolle, when a new member sees the light of the world. But why?

There are continuous publications that set each time better graphics. Others try to drive the gameplay, and the entire control to new heights, and some actually experiment with completely new ideas. And then there's Dynasty Warrior 8, a game that is constantly improved and the scope of its self is constantly interested in extensions to the gaming world, but makes everything else untouched.

Graphics, gameplay, soundtrack, story - the standard criteria, the game designers and testers alike have bred in the interplay as universal scale. And as important as these parts are also to create a brilliant whole, they seem to be damn about the Warriors series. Here one is better scope, leans against the stubborn expectations of non-initiated and stubbornly pursues only one goal: more, more, more.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Characters

But "more" of what? More pixels? More attention to detail? More action, more finesse or more new? No. Just more of everything, except the things that were just listed. One might think that the guys at Tecmo have an opinion poll to find out what is the most important buyers of Dynasty Warriors 8. And now they take the results and put their games according to - regardless of the consequences.

So it surprised probably no one that we also engage in Dynasty Warriors 8 back to the era of the three kingdoms, the tussle in a long war for dominance of China and twist the culturally rich history of this country so and pull to the extreme, as it otherwise only Hollywood creates.

With once very cool and historically not so unrealistic weapons, which have now been extended by rakes, brushes and other strange everyday objects, it beats you as usual through the ranks of the enemy's armed forces and leads the need of an army at war absurdity.

Low Fantasy already had to give way before some parts and made more bad than legal giant magic attacks, mysterious shadow soldiers and terribly unmotivated wizards place. Previously, there was the admittedly already, but as I said not to the extent and especially not in this intensity.

While the story mode has been expanded and improved, but I often wondered at what price? The time in which I as an officer struck me on the battlefield, had to make commands result (!) And led my army to victory, seems long gone. Now I am, no matter what character I play at all, a monster of a fighter who climbs over mountains of corpses equal demons and attacks can be launched that would allow every RPG Final Boss green with envy.

To overthrow the background story of the game a little deeper into the abyss, which is absolutely important because out lutschter they could after all these years hardly be the story line we have now the feeling that the developers would not even try harder to cleanly tell. And in Dynasty Warriors 9 then you fight just yet? Without reason without rhyme and certainly no sense.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Gameplay

Far from it, we are at least not anymore. Listless voice actors rattle down their texts, the most I have to read anyway by itself and in terms of video sequences in the game, there is hardly any competition title, the less pleasure in telling radiates as this fighting game.

Basically, almost every map works the same way: I read me the details the historical background through, I "entertain" me with some soldiers, mostly as meaningful statements on the box have such: "Hopefully we can win this battle" or "Master Liu Bei is a great warrior." We then bashing the enemy the grits from the head and any character who has just killed thousands of people with a trick, dies by an arrow in his shoulder ...

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